10 Cinematographers You Need to Follow on Instagram


very great cinematographer needs the right canvas to create on. The job of taking a story and giving it vision requires a meticulousness in decision making. These ten cinematographers can be a source for aesthetic inspiration for lighting, composition and subjects. Their collection of images on their Instagram accounts can also highlight the equally important setting you choose. Whether it’s an eclectic but cluttered garage, an unfinished rooftop or a nondescript motel room chosen specifically for its neon blue sign, these accomplished artists accounts are a database of evidence that location is absolutely crucial.


Alwin Küchler is the cinematographer who brought you Steve Jobs, Marley (documentary) and Hanna. Küchler began his career as a fashion photographer before transitioning into cinematography and his account is evidence of these two genres intertwining.


You know Rodrigo Prieto from his work on films like Amores Perros, Wolf of Wall Street, Frida and most recently the new HBO series, Vinyl. His account is stock full of images from the set, his travels and other keen discoveries.


Chayse Irvin is the cinematographer who worked with director Kahlil Joseph on Beyonce’s video album, Lemonade. Irvin’s shots are stylistically provocative and his Instagram posts will inspire anyone trying to get into the photo-direction game.


Superstar cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, who sometimes goes by Chivo which means “goat” in Spanish, has a prolific and impressive resume. He’s worked on dozens of projects with immediately recognizable names and here are just a few: Birdman, The Revenant, Tree of Life, Gravity, Y Tu Mamá También and Burn After Reading.


Black Swan, Straight Outta Compton and Requiem for a Dream cintematographer, Matthew Libatique’s Instagram covers ground. From photos on set to Rihanna concerts, Libatique’s profile is sure to prove scroll-worthy.


Ben Smithard is best known for his work in My Week with Marilyn, Belle and The Trip. His account is a mixture of documentary photography from his travels and the more cinematic style of his film projects.


This is the account of cinematographer Phedon Papamichael. Papamichael received six nominations for his most recent project, Nebraska. Phedon’s profile is a collection of storytelling images with diverse subject-matter and aesthetic. The images flip between color and black and white, but maintain his signature style.


Autumn Durald Arkapaw is an up and coming cinematographer whose work on Palo Alto and One and Two are quickly gaining recognition. Check out her profile for whimsical and fluid images fit for storytelling.


Cinematographer Rachel Morrison is the eye behind films such as Fruitvale Station, Dope and Cake. Check her profile for stunning images from her upcoming film, Mudbound, a period piece set in post WWII Mississippi.


The Instagram account of renowned cinematographer Rob Hardy is almost as mind-blowing as his films are. His recent collaboration on the critically acclaimed film Ex Machina may be his best work thus far. Hardy has two upcoming projects coming out in 2017, keep your eye on his Instagram and you may get some sneak peeks.

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