10 Miami Photoshoot Spaces


re you looking to have an Instagram photoshoot in Miami? At Splacer, we have everything from cozy apartments to modern homes to rent. Elevate your Instagram feed or take photos for your personal projects in these unique photoshoot spaces. Read below for 10 Miami photoshoot spaces!

Key lime Studio FREE parking +huge private 

Need an affordable and private photoshoot space? This colorful studio is only $89 per hour. Located in Riverside Park, this modern studio apartment has a free parking spot and a huge backyard. Book this space today for your next lifestyle photoshoot or bring a green outfit to match the bright decor!

Modern Miami Home 

For a more casual photoshoot, book this modern Miami home. With over 2,800 square feet of space, this beautiful property features a modern kitchen, multiple living rooms, and a garden. Some notable amenities include the billiard table and built-in bar. Perfect for lifestyle photography or family portraits!

The Best Film & Photo Studio rental 

Want a more professional photo studio in Miami? Book this photoshoot space for only $100 per hour. Built in a new building, this studio has high ceilings, a huge cyc wall, and changing rooms. There is also an Italian open kitchen, breakout rooms for post-productions, and plenty of parking spaces for your crew!


This Miami lake house is perfect for outdoor portrait photography. With 2,550 square feet of space, this private home has a floating dock, small boat, and paddle board. The large patio features a jacuzzi and pergola, perfect for framing photos. Book this space for only $170 and get ready to pose on the boat! 

Iconic Mid-Century Modern Oasis 

Looking for a bohemian photoshoot space in Walnut Creek? Book this mid-century modern home for only $300 per hour. Featuring large countertops, natural light, and bright decor, this space is ideal for lifestyle photography. Plus, the backyard has a pool and desert vegetation! 

Spacious Walnut Creek Photography Studio, San Francisco, CA 

This Walnut Creek photography studio is only $150 per hour. With professional photography equipment, this space will definitely capture stunning photos. There is a lounge area with a computer for post-production as well. Perfect for modeling, fashion photography, or personal headshots! 

Spectacular Pool Home w/office Near Wilton 

Need an outdoor photoshoot space in South Middle River? This modern home features a heated pool, renovated pergola, and trees to shade your subject. The lounge chairs, hammock, and outdoor table provide plenty of seating for your models. Ideal for outdoor photography on a sunny day!

Photography and Video Shooting, Miami, FL 

Want a fully equipped photo studio in Wynwood? This photography space is only $150 and comes with clothing racks, a makeup chair, and professional photography equipment. Some equipment includes backgrounds, c-stand kits, and a 5D Canon camera kit. Try to capture aerial shots from the second floor!

Gallery Showroom w/ “Cathedral Style” Ceilings, Miami, FL

For a more artsy photoshoot space, try renting out this gallery showroom in Miami Shores. This creative space is only $125 per hour and offers 3,000 square feet of space. With a variety of props and a loft space, this gallery is the perfect venue for still life or editorial photography. Book today for your next project!

Luxurious Photo Studio in West Broward

This photo studio in West Broward is only $199 per hour. With a vanity room, luxurious lounge, and art gallery, this versatile space can capture a variety of photos. For more casual photos, you can pose on the leather furniture or with the art pieces. Then head to the photo studio for some professional portraits! 

In Miami, photographers need photo studios to express their creativity. Splacer has plenty of photography venues at affordable rates and flexible times. Try renting out one of these 10 photoshoot spaces in Miami and see what you can create!

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