10 Top Production Spaces in New York


ooking for creative spaces for your next production in New York? Try searching on Splacer for unique, beautiful spaces to highlight your creative endeavors. Keep reading to discover these 10, inspiring venues for video shoots, photoshoots, or film productions.

Prospect Heights Photo and Video Studio 

 Located near the Barclays Center, this beautiful studio offers high ceilings, natural lighting, and a lounge area. Some features include garment racks, a makeup station, and a coffee machine to keep the energy high on set. If you need to edit footage or photos, there’s also a wooden conference table and high-speed wifi to get ahead on post-production. 

Cyclorama studio with antique backstage

This Manhattan studio offers a variety of furniture, including a unique collection of antique sofas and chairs. Located on 32nd street and Broadway, this creative space offers MonoLights, a beauty dish, reflective umbrellas, and a projector. Plus, there’s a hair and makeup station, clothing rack, and steamer, perfect for quick outfit changes and easily accessible for your models. 

Magic Sunset in Williamsburg 

Looking for an outdoor location near Williamsburg? This open 360-view of the city skyline and Williamsburg Bridge can be used for personal photoshoots, unique video shoots, or landscape photography. Play with the reflection of the river, find the perfect natural lighting, and discover the possibilities of this space.

A Little Palace in Brooklyn 

This unique space in Brooklyn is named “The Love Shack”, with one open space plus two smaller spaces inspired by doll houses. Each piece of furniture is an original design or a restored antique, adding inspiration to your production. With high-speed wifi, an HD video projector, and plenty of seating, “The Love Shack” is ideal for creative teams looking to expand their horizons for future projects. 

+300 Years Old, Classic House 

Located in Marine Park, this one-of-a-kind space is ideal for teams serious about creating a historic or nostalgic production. This 18th century house has two floors, hallways full of natural light, multiple unique rooms, and a spacious deck and garden. Plus, this space is close to bus and train stations, making it easily accessible for large teams. 

Daylight Photo Studio / Loft 1500 sq ft

This Lower Manhattan studio is flooded with natural light, minimalistic, and ideal for crisp photos. Some of the provided photoshoot equipment includes four garment racks, a steamer, and multiple light stands. With textured brick walls, high ceilings, and a variety of furniture, there are many possibilities in this bright space.

Incredible Floor-to-Ceiling Urban Jungle 

At only $60 per hour, this photo studio offers a variety of 50 plants that thrive under the floor-to-ceiling windows. The Profoto Acute pack with three heads and a medium softbox is included, as well as a conference table for the whole team. Ideal for teams near East Williamsburg looking to produce a natural, fresh, and unique shoot. 

360 Immersive Video Event Space

This full-service production space in Lower Manhattan has six HD projectors, a premium sound system, and provided furniture. Perfect for New York creatives looking for a versatile space for their next project. Project images for a photoshoot, film a music video, and create the backdrop of your liking with this unique space.

Beautiful and Large Space in Prime EV

Looking for a retro-inspired space? This East Village gem offers bluetooth speakers, clothing racks, and furniture for seating and prop use. Highlight these pastel pinks and vintage vibes in your next photoshoot, short film, or personal project. 

SoHo Fully Equipped Spacious Photo Studio   

Located in Lower Manhattan, this newer studio offers both a hair/makeup station and digital workstation. Conveniently near the major subway lines, this SoHo studio space is easy to book on short notice and even easier to arrive at safely. For only $96 per hour, your creative team can choose from a variety of photoshoot equipment, props, and high-end technology. 

For creative projects, it can be difficult to find on-demand spaces. But Splacer has got you covered with these 10 beautiful New York production spaces. Your next promotional video, editorial photoshoot, or product launch could be hosted in one of these inspiring New York spaces. Book today!

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