11 Spaces for Team Collaboration in Miami


eed unique office spaces in Miami? Splacer makes in-person collaboration possible by providing affordable and flexible meeting spaces. Remote students and companies need spaces to get work done and these unique locations are perfect to build community. For your next study group or conference, check out these 11 spaces to collaborate in Miami!

Board Room 

For only $50 per hour, this Sweetwater board room is perfect for students looking for affordable study spaces. With fast wifi, a wireless projector screen, and audio-visual equipment, collaboration will be easy in this modern meeting space. Plus, the bright chairs and colorful art pieces make this space an inspiring one! 

Tiki Sunset Retreat 

Located in North Fort Lauderdale, this spacious home sits on the water with stunning views. With 3,000 square feet of space, there is both indoor and outdoor seating, breakout rooms, and natural light throughout the house. For just $125 per hour, you can host your next team meeting in this unique, flexible space. 

Downtown Miami Training & Workshop Space 

This Downtown Miami office space has 8 tables and 32 chairs, ideal for larger teams. Some features include a mobile 55’’ LCD TV, whiteboard, and colorful decor to keep you and your classmates motivated. Perfect for students on a budget, this inspiring space is only $75 per hour!

Downtown Miami Corner Meeting Room, Miami, FL 

With four guests maximum, this Downtown Miami meeting space is ideal for smaller conferences. At an impressive $25 per hour, this affordable office comes with a 55” TV, whiteboard, and accessible bathrooms. The comfortable chairs, colorful art, and private setting will help you and your coworkers collaborate with ease.

Downtown Miami Training/Rehearsal Room 

Looking for a flexible meeting space? Book this Downtown Miami training room, perfect for workshops, classes, or lectures. There’s plenty of seating in both the main classroom space and a breakout area, easy to reconfigure to your needs. For $75 per hour, this affordable space is perfect for students craving the classroom setting.

Ideal Location- Training/Office event

Need to meet in-person for a Zoom class? Try this Highland Gardens office space. Some amenities include a 75” LED TV with an HDMI connector, extra-large whiteboards, and a projector with video screen. With 22 chairs and four conference tables, this flexible space is a steal for just $80 per hour.

Beautiful modern Townhouse 

Want a more luxurious meeting space? This Upper East Side townhouse has 2,100 square feet of flexible space. Collaborate at the counter, present on the TV, or head to the garden for a study break. The high ceilings and classic decor will provide a much needed break from your corporate office for just $150 per hour.

Downtown Miami Meeting Room for 4 

Another four-person meeting space, this Downtown Miami office is only $25 per hour. With creative art decor, a sleek desk, and a mobile 3’ x 4’ whiteboard, you can collaborate and stay focused in this private space. Bring your laptop, notebook, and your peers for a sense of community and team collaboration in this workspace. 

Beautiful cooking and pastry class 

For a more unique meeting space, try this Coral Gables kitchen for your next team building event. With plenty of seating, wifi, and large windows, this inspiring space can be transformed into a meeting area. At $80 per hour, collaborate with classmates at the table, or head to the lounge while you take a break.

Brewery in Little River 

For larger teams near Little Haiti, book this meeting space for an escape from your usual office. With natural light, hanging plants, and eclectic art decor, this space will refresh you and your team. The open floor layout plus the barstool seating arrangements create a collaborative feel. Surprise your team with this 2,000 square foot brewery for your next team meeting! 

Eco-Modern Workspace, Miami, FL  

For only $57 per hour, this modern meeting space has large tables, whiteboards, and projectors. With natural light and stunning views, this workspace feels energized and professional. Located in Downtown Miami, this space is ideal for students needing a private work area or local teams needing a flexible office.

For Miami students, companies, or small businesses, Splacer has many spaces for team collaboration. Creating a classroom atmosphere and work environment while staying socially distant is key in today’s work culture. Book one of these 11 inspiring spaces today to change up your scenery!

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