1855 Italianate Villa Mansion


weet, sexy and spooky – this house has seen it all.

Built in the mid-1800’s, this mansion was bought by a German Confectioner, Gustav Mayer, towards the end of the 19th century and was home to Mayer and his daughters for a century.

Villa Italian Mansion
1855 Italianate Villa Mansion

Bought by its latest owner, Robert Toriano, in the 1990’s – this house is home to a modern and up-to-date renovated living space that co-exists alongside distressed rooms that were intentionally left untouched in order to retain their versatile appeal.

The distressed rooms and ambient lights have been the perfect backdrops for fashion shoots over the years, including one of a Hitchcockian nature, featuring the likes of Lauren Hutton, Giselle, Amber Heard, Mary-Kate Olsen.

A gem in the heart of Staten island, the mansion’s spirit seeps through its every wall. It is a secret worth unravelling.

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