3 Brand Event Examples to Learn From


here are so many possibilities when it comes to creating brand awareness and interaction. If you are trying to be innovative, you can do that through not only planning and making sure all of the details are in place but also by finding unique event spaces that can really bring your event to life. One way for brands to really make an impact with their events is by creating a way to engage with the audience through the event and the event space.

Puma Evening DJ and Installation Event

Puma pop up event

Your event does not need to just be appetizers and a presentation. You can make it really interactive like Puma and Ader Error did with their recent event. They focused on creating an installation of the new FUTRO Puma shoe collection so that they were an integral part of the event. The final product was a night of fashion and art that took people through FUTRO-themed installations that all featured the shoes in question. But it was not just shoes and installations, there was also live music and other types of art. Because of the content of the event, it was unforgettable and the people who attended will likely be much more inclined to tell others about the brand and the new shoe collection. It was an innovative way to really get people interested in the shoes while giving them a fun and unique event to attend. The event was even mentioned at BizBash’s 10 Best Ideas of the week.

Soap and Glory Pop-Ups

soap and glory pop up

Pop-Ups are becoming more popular these days and they are also very successful. One reason that they are successful is that people do not want to miss anything and since pop-ups are temporary when people find out that they will only be around for a little while, they rush over to them. However, not every pop up is successful because it is not enough to just get people there. You need to keep them there and get them interested in your brand. This is exactly what Soap and Glory did with their recent pop up in a Splacer space. The brand made the space their own and created a storefront pop up that was enticing, fun, and filled with excitement. No wonder people flocked to the location to purchase some of their bubbly soap!

Brooks Early Morning Runners Event

Splacer space for events

Brooks, an athletic gear company, took full advantage of a Splacer space and combined it with the opportunity to raise brand awareness and connect to their audience. They transformed a space into a runners haven for Global Runners Day where they could go after a morning run. Not only did they set out to help bring awareness to the day and brand but they also made sure to make all of their guests feel appreciated and welcomes. They offered healthy snacks, an interactive board, healthy drinks, a merge in urban lifestyle and nature, and a spectacular view from the rooftop.

These brands serve as examples of how to use an event space for brand awareness and interaction. By thinking outside of the box, you can create innovative ideas that can launch you into more success with your target audience.

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