5 Inspiring Organizations in NYC


t Splacer, we understand that any successful event requires inspiration. If you are event planning in New York City, you might need an extra boost of inspiration for your party. Seeing how other companies manage their events can give you new insight on logistics, locations, and more. Whether planning a social networking event or mindful movement class, here are five organizations to inspire you for your own personal event planning.  

Boss Babes Do Brunch

Boss Babes Do Brunch is a networking company that connects female entrepreneurs and creatives with the resources they need to succeed. Small and local, this organization is hosting a summer event called “Sip Shop Flourish” on July 17th in Brooklyn. This pop-up event is a unique shopping experience to provide a platform for small businesses and new brands. Get inspired by these boss babes and host your own networking event!

Girls Write Now

Girls Write Now supports and mentors high school girls and gender-expansive youth in New York City. This organization helps young writers find their own voices through creative and expressive writing. They are offering a summer event on June 18th to celebrate the next generation of writers. Host your own writing seminar this summer!

Wish Upon a Wedding New York

Wish Upon a Wedding New York assists couples facing life-threatening illnesses and other serious circumstances. This company can provide the dream wedding and vow renewals for those who need the help. Inspiring and generous, this organization definitely ignites the feeling of love and life in all couples. Try thinking about how you can give back when you plan your own event!

Jane Hall / JPEG Jane

Jane Hall, also known as JPEG Jane, is a Brooklyn based creative entrepreneur, political activist, and fashion designer. She started a project called “I Believe in You” to spread positivity and raise money for The Jed Foundation, a nonprofit protecting the mental health of young adults. Her main project is “House of JPEG” designing bold and ethically made products. Get inspired by Hall’s passion for entrepreneurship! 

Artist After Hours

Artist After Hours offers movement and discussion based workshops for dancers and students needing a space for self-expression. With both virtual and in-person events, this organization is run by co-directors Michaella Barron and MaryBeth Rodgers. These women have a vast variety of qualifications to teach and discuss dance practices, inspiring their attendees. Try incorporating movement practices into your next event!


Event organization and planning takes passion and hard work. Get inspired by these five New York City based organizations for your next party. If you are in the city for the summer, maybe drop by one of their events too. You can network, get resources, and enjoy yourself surrounded by other driven entrepreneurs. 


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