6 Tips for Hosting a Fundraising Event


e all know planning a fundraising event is tough. The biggest struggle can often come with trying to find a venue that’s affordable, convenient and suitable for your cause. To encourage our community to get out there and get active, we’re sharing tips for planning a successful event and a selection of affordable spaces to gather and affect change. Share your event with the hashtag #spaceforchange!

1. Do your research

There are SO many reasons right now to speak up. If you feel like getting involved with an organization but aren’t sure where to start, first identify the area where you’re looking to make a difference. Once you choose a charity, it’s important to do your research and identify how exactly your donation will be used.

2. Set a budget & goals

Determine from the start what the scope of the event will be. From there, it will become clear what type of venue and resources you’ll need to execute your vision. A charity event doesn’t have to be expensive – Splacer’s marketplace is full of affordable venues to make executing your vision possible.

DTLA Parisian Bistro, from $150

3. Think outside the box

Choose a venue that helps get people excited about your event (opportunities to raise funds can extend far beyond fancy gala dinners). Think about skills or resources you already have and how you can use them to unite people. Get creative and host a bake sale, art show, workshop, or musical performance!

4. Rally your troops

Gather a committee of friends, family, colleagues, and like minded go-getters to support you. Whether it’s helping to spread the word or manage logistics, think about the areas where you need them most and make sure to clearly communicate expectations.

Midtown Studio Loft, $125

5. Develop partnerships

Working with sponsors helps offset costs and allows you to raise the most money possible. Identify potential partners who share similar values with you. Before approaching a company, outline why you want to work with them and how you think they can benefit from getting involved.

6. Spread the word

Create an online event page that can be shared, retweeted, and forwarded to potential attendees. Splash is a great tool that allows you to customize a dynamic page with all of your event details and keep track of RSVPs.

event space for fundraisers

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