7 Inspiring Holiday Party Trends


he pressure is on to make this coming holiday party the best ever, how can you possibly top the already fabulous event you threw together last year? We’re here to help! Below are some of the latest event trends we’re seeing with some tips to help you create a memorable event that is both current and creative.

1. Sustainability

Holiday time should be fun, but today we are mindful of our impact on the planet and partying is easier when you feel good about your actions. We’re seeing more people choosing recyclable materials, local food and sustainable vendors.

  • Look for local, sustainable florals. Think potted plants and herbs, or try one of the new floral services like Bloomernet (sharing centerpieces with other events in your area) or Repeatroses (transforming bouquets for use in hospitals and shelters).
  • Whenever possible, use reusable dishes instead of disposable ones (don’t forget cloth napkins): both elegant and good for the planet!                                      
  • Support smaller venues in your community rather than big hotel chains. 

Food by Lighthouse BK, Decor Umami, Splacer Gallery Space in Chelsea 

2. Edible Decor

Yes, we’re talking donut walls, but don’t stop there. We’re seeing edible decorations that are cost-effective: your food does double duty as your decor, but also gives the event a fresh look and, most importantly, is really fun! Think about hanging containers from the ceiling, non-traditional serving vessels and bathtubs full of ice and drinks.

Food by Lighthouse BK, Decor Umami, Splacer Gallery Space in Chelsea 

3. Creative Venue

OK, you knew this one was coming. Get out of the boring old ballroom or club and go somewhere exciting and fresh. Sometimes that’s all it takes to really make your party stand out. We see people exploring anything from warehouse spaces to renovated churches, breweries to barbershops. Think outside the box and bring your people to a place they haven’t yet experienced.

Splacer Unique Retro Space on Melrose

4. Immersive Experiences

Engaging activities and a total experience are replacing the one cute corner for picture posing. You want the kind of party that everyone shares on Instagram saying “you should have been there.” Transform the entire space and create interactive moments.

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Canon

5. Unique Entertainment

A DJ is important and a band is great, but why stop there? We’re seeing a range of quirky and unique entertainers from Haiku writers offering personalized poetry to a graffiti artist decorating the space in real-time or a fortune teller.

Food and Styling by Mariana Velásquez House of Madison Singapore 

6. Flexible Dates

If you're hosting your party in December you’re competing with everyone else for the best venues, caterers, and entertainment. Think January and you have a much wider variety of options. We’re seeing more people exploring holiday party dates after the New Year for more competitive pricing and greater flexibility and options.

Splacer Gorgeous former church in the Mission
Splacer Historic venue in Mid-Market SF

7. The Journey

Forget “conveniently located.” These days we’re seeing a growing willingness to travel. Not only does this give you greater options for creative spaces and a real sense of discovery for your guests, but also, as the poet said, the journey is the destination, and half the fun could be in getting there.

Splacer Red Hook Tech Event Space
Splacer Red Hook Tech Event Space

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