7 Spaces for Music Videos in Los Angeles


o you need to film a music video in Los Angeles? Splacer has music video venues that are affordable, creative, and versatile. For musicians in the LA area, we have got you covered for your next video production promoting your music. Take a look at these 7 spaces for music videos in Los Angeles! 

Amazing Photo Studio Space (Stage 5)

Need an affordable production space in Central LA? Try renting this colorful photo studio for only $55 per hour. Some amenities include a private stage, paper backdrops, and LED light panels. With a clothing rack and a makeup station, you can change looks as needed and create an amazing video!


Looking for a large and versatile venue in Altadena? This historic space is over 135 years old and has over 6,000 square feet of space. With 15 rooms and vintage decor, this gorgeous home can be your dream production studio. Plus, Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things has had a photoshoot here!

Large Urban Warehouse with LED Glass Walls 

Want a tech-savvy music video venue in Compton? This urban warehouse has LED walls to display high quality images. Some amenities include a multimedia stage, structure setups, and meeting rooms. With 23,000 square feet of space, this warehouse can fit large production teams and capture a variety of shots! 

1920s Warehouse Loft in Downtown LA 

This Central LA warehouse was built in 1923 and combines elements of glam and urban decor. With workable natural light, vanity stations, and multiple props, this sunny loft is an ideal photo studio. You can alter the light coming from the 24 windows with blackout curtains or the diffusion silks as desired! 

Scary Haunted Abandoned Mansion 

Filming a music video inspired by elements of horror? This abandoned mansion is the perfect spooky music video venue. Located in Woodland Hills, this mysterious home has paint splatters, raw furniture, and plenty of windows for natural light. Book this venue for October and get ready for Halloween!

Art Installation Gallery - colorful loft 

For creative music videos, try renting out this art installation gallery. The funky walls, colorful accents, and unique loft will help you create a one of a kind production. Located in Lincoln Heights, this inspiring venue is decorated with original art and immerses you in a surreal dream world of color! 

Hill 7 - Rain Room

If you need some drama, book this rain room in South Los Angeles. For only $74 per hour, this affordable music video space has both black and white backdrops. With a changing tent, vanity station, and light modifiers, you can get creative in this rain room. Check out this link to see the availability of this amazing space!

For your next music video, rent an affordable space on Splacer. From old mansions to colorful photo studios, these venues will bring your music video to the next level. Book one of these 7 spaces today! 

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