Bring it Home: Five Creative Ways to Increase Your Cashflow


hether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a creative student or a fully employed individual, sometimes it seems we could all use extra cash flow. Thankfully, sometimes we don’t even need to leave the house to do that. Here are five creative ways that will make your bank happier:

Rent out your space. With Splacer, you can convert your living space into an exciting venue for events. Splacer offers a selection of inspiring event locations, available for short term bookings. The website is a platform for connecting space owners to potential guests and helps navigate clients through the renting process. Just think of all the hours the spaces around you go vacant and unused. You can change that and increase your cashflow all the while looking for your next job. By joining the community at, you have an opportunity to transform your spare areas into usable event space. That means every rooftop, decorative garden, studio, or industrial loft, could be the setting for a beautiful photoshoot, company retreat, a business meetup, or family event.

Get in style. Reach out to designers via Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media channel. Organize a group of DIYers and young professionals and set up a pop-up sale in your living room. You will benefit a commission fee and the vendors will be able to market their merchandise to a fresh audience. It could also be a great way to introduce yourself to other creative forces in your community and establish connections for future projects. Who knows? This could also turn into a monthly event.

Satisfy your appetite. Eatwith is an initiative that connects home cooks with hungry audiences. Become the Master Chef of your own domain and sign up to host a dinner party. Operating in dozens of cities around the world, Eatwith allows diners to skip the restaurant and experience unique menus and kitchens. You can apply through their website.

Market Your Skills. Do you design? Write? Can you edit videos? Compile an animation or score a soundtrack? So why not sign up to an online marketplace and start making money? With websites such as Fiverr you can market your capabilities directly to potential clients, without leaving your living room. Or your pajamas.

Multi Task It. You are probably not aware of that, but in your neighborhood there are plenty of people who could use a helping hand with their daily tasks. Websites such as Taskrabbit allow them to reach out to you to get the job done, whether it’s organizing events, shopping, delivering, moving, etc. You can sign up to be a Tasker and start to get paid while working on igniting your career.

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