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emote work is the future of company collaboration, especially in today’s unique work environment. With the pandemic forcing most companies to switch to virtual meeting spaces, Google Hangouts and Zoom have quickly become the new "office". But the demand for physical meeting spaces still remains high. Satellite work does not need to isolate you and your coworkers any longer. 

Creative office models are at the core of companies working remotely, bringing a sense of in-person community into the work space. Co-working spaces only make up around 5% of the real estate market, but are expected to increase to 30% in 10 years. Splacer provides local, on-demand spaces for collaboration, gatherings, and presentations to build company culture. While remote work remains at the forefront of companies, we are here to help you bridge the virtual gap and motivate your team in new ways.

Here’s five ways Splacer is aligned with event organizers looking for unique team meeting spaces. 

1. Flexibility 

Instead of investing in a single, central office, event organizers can pay per hour for an on-demand office space. Having a flexible meeting space is not only convenient for employees, but employers too. This affordable option will allow for more schedule changes, such as last minute meetings or planned gatherings. Commuters can save money as well, going into the office space only when needed. There’s little commitment when booking on Splacer!  

2. Locality

Search by location and find the most geographically compatible space for your team. Each site will let you know if there’s nearby parking as well, allowing for a safe and comfortable commute. Your company won’t have to worry about a long commute every day if you meet weekly or monthly. For larger remote teams, even having a few co-workers meet in person while others dial in can be just as effective. 

3. Privacy and Safety 

Avoid the congested co-working spaces and book private, clean spaces. Splacer offers a variety of unique work spaces that will refresh your team. With ample space and COVID-19 guidelines, these work spaces put your health first. Downsizing your office will keep your meetings private and secure. As always, communicate with the space owner if any concerns come up ahead of time.

4. Experience 

With a change of scenery, your team will be inspired, productive, and collaborative. This right environment can influence a whole hour’s work in the best way for your company. After almost a full year of remote work for some teams, meeting in-person is a much deserved treat. As cozy at it can be to work from home, in-person accountability can go a long way. Take a break from your desk at-home and book an inspiring space today!

5. Technology 

With remote work only growing in popularity, having access to wifi and high-end technology is key for companies. If you’ve been lacking in the technology department, find spaces that offer technological amenities. With tech tools at your fingertips, your company will be advancing work in no time. It might seem counterintuitive to have more screen time in these spaces, but even switching up your laptop can help get new ideas flowing. Creating a hybrid work space of both in-person and remote co-workers is the future of company collaboration. 

Whether it be a socially-distant team gathering or a non-conventional meeting, changing your environment can be the springboard for ground-breaking ideas. In-person meeting spaces can nurture relationships, making your next remote meeting even more productive. Healthy, strong company culture takes active steps, and Splacer is here to help. Leave your at-home office for a day or two and book a unique meeting space today!

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