Featured Space: Alex’s East-Side Townhouse


lex, a fourth generation native New Yorker, invites us into her unforgettable townhouse in  NYC’s East Village. With its exposed brick walls, bright natural lights, and surrounding gardens, this multi-level space amalgamates perfectly the avant-garde past and present of this area with its owner unique taste. See more of her space right here.

In her carefully decorated kitchen, she tells us about the events that took place here, and shares her own story. Jewelry designer and NYU lecturer, Alex’s space reflects her aesthetic perspective, familial history and lifestyle: “I grew up in a creative environment. My parents are in the theater, and my mother is a cabaret singer. As soon as I graduated from college I moved from the West to the East Village, because I just thought this was the most awesome neighborhood to be in.”

In the spirit of sharing economy, Alex invites you to share her space, whether for a party, a business meeting, or a photoshoot. “If you have something, people can take advantage of it too,” she says, “why should I just be the only person living in this awesome space? I’m going to have other people come in here too.”

See more of Alex and her space here:

Splacer unique living room

Splacer Unique townhome

Splacer event space

Outside of Splacer event space

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