How Remote Teams Optimize Quality Gatherings


he future of work is hybrid and hybrid work is here to stay. Both large and small companies are now committing to providing flexibility and mobility for their remote employees. With the traditional office space replaced with temporary spaces for team meetings, these on-demand offsites maintain human connections and build company culture. By creating quality gatherings, you can promote a culture of trust that is necessary to build a productive and positive work environment. Try renting an affordable office space on Splacer and read these five tips on how remote teams optimize quality gatherings!

Escape the corporate office 

Many remote workers have office spaces in their own homes. When you host an in-person team meeting, try booking a unique offsite that will inspire your team. Splacer has quiet spaces for a brainstorming session or colorful spaces for a holiday party this winter season. Now matter what your team needs to keep productivity during this holiday season, we have got you covered with a variety of spaces to create connections between hybrid coworkers. 

Host team-bonding activities 

Face to face socialization is key to creating real relationships between your hybrid team. While hosting quarterly meetings will foster trust and company culture, it is important to have team-bonding activities to strengthen relationships. Try renting an on-demand pool party space with Splacer for a cocktail party. Or, you can book a boat and host a relaxing night on the water. Whether you need a daytime space or nighttime space, we have the perfect option for you. 


Create balance

Remote teams make sure their in-person meetings are as productive as possible, especially if the meeting is time-sensitive. To take off some of the stress, book a space with a balcony for fresh air or a fireplace to relax. As a mainly remote team, you need to schedule relaxation time for your employees to recharge during an in-person meeting. Try renting out a rooftop with a lounge area or a garden area with beautiful plants! 


Plan ahead

To make sure every remote worker is in attendance for your in-person meeting, be sure to plan far ahead. When you plan your meeting in advance, this creates trust between your company and will increase your attendance. This also increases communication, as your employees can express schedule conflicts or concerns with you beforehand. Be sure to double check with the space host to make your company feel as comfortable as possible! 


Decrease video conference calls  

Although you can still use your video conferencing tools at an in-person meeting, be sure to prioritize in-person communication. Every few hours, turn off your screens and talk to your coworkers. Book a space with a full kitchen so you can make snacks or enjoy a complimentary coffee break. You can email your fully remote team to keep them in the loop, but by keeping in-person interactions at the forefront of your meeting, you make the meeting meaningful for your team. 


Splacer has many options of work spaces for your remote team. When you host an in-person meeting, you give your team a break from the traditional office, create balance, and respect their time. Your in-person relationships will flourish as you book temporary meeting spaces as needed. If you book a unique offsite through our site, be sure to tag us at on Instagram for a chance to be featured! 

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