How To Get The Most Out Of Your Listing In 2020


ey Space Owners, we want to make sure you are making the most of your listing on Splacer, and what better time to give your listing a makeover than the New Year! To help you do this, we have listed the main elements of a successful space listed on Splacer, and how you can apply these to your own space. So what are you waiting for… let’s begin! Login here to start refreshing your listing.

Photo Quality, Quantity & Relevance

Photos are the primary selling point of your space, so make sure you have at least 5 up to date and high quality images that showcase the venue and its capabilities. We recommend including floor plans, and images with versatility.

Need some guidance? This listing above contains 5 or more high quality images which show the space from different angles. Click here to view the space.


Price is a major factor that affects you listing, because setting the right price can ultimately attract bookers to your space. To do this, make sure your space is priced accurately and competitively for your neighborhood. You can use the Splacer search to get a sense of pricing for similar spaces in your area.  

Here’s a tip: If you have special pricing factors, you can add these to the description or pricing notes to avoid any confusion, as outlined in the space description above.

Capacity and Size

Capacity and size of your space determines how bookers can plan events within the space. Check that your square footage is accurate and your listing capacity is reflective of the number of guests that can comfortably fit into the space.

Need some guidance? Above is an example of how you can reflect your square footage depending on different setups in the space. Click here to change this on your listing now. All you need to do is login, select the space you want to edit, and go to the basics section in the left hand menu.


Make sure you are tagged only for the activities that you are open to hosting. Over-tagging activities can lead to unwanted inquiries and hurt your chances of appearing in relevant searches.

Need some guidance? Above are the activities available for a successful space which you can view here. It shows it is only available for productions, which makes it easy to locate and book.

Even if you think you’re space meets all of these requirements, it is always beneficial to add some changes and give your listing a refreshers. Login here to update your description, add some images or change the headline of your space.

For any further questions regarding improving your listing, please reach out to info@splacer.co

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