Inspiring Meeting Spaces for Remote Teams in LA - Empower Your Employees To Work From Anywhere


ind your remote team an inspiring meeting space in LA using Splacer. Hybrid work combines remote and in-person working environments to make for a better work-life balance. Instead of sitting at your desk all day, you'll travel to different offices for meetings or project-related tasks. This will allow you enough time with your team members while still being able to maintain your company culture remotely.

Check out these five unique spaces in Los Angeles to empower your employees to work from anywhere! From treetop houses to spacious conference rooms, we have got you covered with inspiring work environments to get your team working efficiently. Read below and click the links to book these hybrid work spaces near you.

CMS Office Showroom in Orange 

If your remote team is on a budget, try this $40 per hour office room in Orange. The vibrant colors, hipster decor, and comfortable conference area makes this the ideal remote office. Your in-person team can work at the table, at the individual desks, or on the couch chairs. Then, have your fully remote employees call in to create a community feel. An ideal on demand workspace in LA for tech savvy teams!

Mid Century Treetop House, Los Angeles, CA 

If you are looking for a unique workspace, check out this treetop house. Located in Benedict Canyon, this bohemian oasis is only $175 per hour. This secluded space is ideal for nature lovers who need a break from the corporate office.  Book this sunny and warm space for your hybrid team in LA as you empower them to work in this new environment! 

Conference Room + Production Office

Looking for an affordable hybrid office? We have got you covered with this professional and modern meeting space in Central LA. At an impressive $60 per hour, this is perfect for on demand meetings with flexible booking times. This 1920’s inspired space can fit up to 8 people at the conference table, ideal for smaller LA teams.

Spacious 2000 sqft loft with natural light 

Book this hybrid meeting space for a unique environment! This bohemian and industrial loft is a favorite of many Splacer users. With raving five star reviews and an affordable rate of $49 per hour, this gorgeous loft is a gem. Located in the Arts District, this meeting space has an Alexa that controls the surround sound in each room. Get your hybrid team motivated in this LA workspace!

Huge Conference/Meeting Room , Los Angeles, CA 

Need a meeting room in El Segundo? Book this conference room for $300 per hour. With the white block walls, wood plank floors, and timber ceiling, this space is minimal and modern. The modular tables allow for reconfiguration to fit your hybrid team’s needs. Plus, there’s natural light, an Apple TV, and a portable 65" 4K Technology Sony. Try renting this on-demand office today! 

Splacer has thousands of spaces for hybrid teams in Los Angeles. Whether you need your remote team to call in from a video or meet in-person for a meeting, we have all the spaces for your needs. Book a quiet conference room or a nature-inspired home for a breath of fresh air. No matter what space you choose, your employees will feel empowered to work from this new office space. Tag us on Instagram at to share your inspiring experiences as a remote team in LA! 

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