Spaces That Inspire Creativity


f creativity means “Going to unexpected places", we like to take that definition literally. We think that even a short trip to the unexpected has a powerful effect and inspires creativity in return.

rock climbing center
Unconventional Rock Climbing Event Space

It seems everyone is thinking about creativity now: what is it? Where can I get some? Considered “the skill of the future,” everyone wants more, but it seems tough to pin down.  If you google ‘creativity’ you’ll find dozens of ideas on how to encourage it with daily meditation and, possibly, a vegan diet on an alternating full moon schedule. We think it doesn’t have to be so difficult.  

Desert earth space
Desert Earth Architecture
West village duplex
West Village Duplex Open Loft with Rooftop

We believe in breaking the routine, mixing things up, and being inspired by new sights, sounds and smells. You know, the same concept as vacation (the one you have an unlimited amount of but hardly ever take), but on a more intimate and immediate scale.

unique vintage loft
Unique vintage loft with roof deck

Get out of the office and have a little adventure. Bring your team along and see what happens when you work or play in a new environment.

barrel brew house
Brewery barrel house in historic hangar

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