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Thousand Oaks
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As a highly experienced Real Estate Agent and Private Jet Broker, I am passionate about helping people ACHIEVE TRUE ALTITUDE. As an accomplished business leader, I also double as a business coach. My extensive real estate network and solid track record as a Private Jet Broker are two of my many strong suits. How I can make myself more valuable to my clients is the one question I never stop asking myself. The adage, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care,” motivates me. I aim to provide the most personalized premium service possible that no one else can match. Born in Los Angeles, CA, I was raised in Westlake Village, CA. My extensive knowledge of the local markets makes me understand the intangible benefits of living in this place and gives me the ability to help scout for my clients’ preferred properties, create comparative market analyses, and perfectly price the properties. My bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management aligns well with my career, equipping me with sharp business acumen and an entrepreneurial mind. With years of experience in sales, I have gained the skillset to understand my clients’ actual needs, pay attention to details, and offer personalized service tailored to their needs and situations. I boast a work ethic and skill set that elevates the real estate experience of my new and existing clients. I leverage my skills, expertise, and understanding of the real estate markets to provide my clients with the best representation, negotiating for the best terms on their behalf. As a real estate investor, I see several exit strategies other agents may not and create innovative scenarios to enable my clients to meet and exceed their goals. Representing buyers, sellers and investors alike, I am a valuable resource and will stop at nothing to ensure my clients find the perfect homes and most lucrative deals. I am proud of creating relationships over the transaction. With a knack for results, I’ve managed a sales team that produced $500 million worth of sales revenue. I am complimented on my diligence and resilience to get things done and done right no matter what. I offer my clients white-glove service built on core values of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. There’s never a dull moment in my free time, whether spent with my family or playing golf. My ultimate goal is to teach others how to achieve True Altitude. I often get asked what is “True Altitude”? Having a strong background in Private Aviation the literal definition is height above mean sea level (MSL). To understand how this has become my slogan, you need to first understand how I live my life. Everyone enjoys the finer thing in life. However, I’m disciplined enough to know that I am not allowed to possess those items unless they can inevitably pay for themselves. For example: • The house that I own, I rent out for movies, commercials, music videos, and event space. Which not only pays for itself. But, it allows me to remodel, meet amazing people and enjoy a beautiful lavish home. • The vehicle I own, I rent it out while I’m not using it which not only pays for itself. But, I get to modify my vehicle and enjoy it when I want to at no additional expense. I apply this concept to everything in my life from the food that I eat, the private jets that I travel on, the clothes that I wear, and the jewelry I possess. EVERYTHING. The truth is you can have a nice house, car, private jet, yacht, eat expensive food, etc. and they can 100% weigh you down to a point you don’t even know why you wanted those things in the first place. You essentially enslaved yourself to your desires. My goal is to help others rise above that and have those desires pay for themselves so they don’t need to carry the burden daily. As I originally mentioned, the literal definition of True Altitude is the height above mean sea level (MSL). I believe True Altitude isn’t just a slogan but ultimately a way of how life should be lived.
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The Space

This MUST SEE suburban home in a great neighborhood is 1711 sqft. This space has an open and flowing layout with lots of room for creativity. Let's not forget about the 6466 sqft lot size which is perfect for filming, entertaining and privacy. The property is easily accessible to the 101 & 23 fwys yet is quiet and tucked away from street traffic. Entertainers Backyard that you can only dream about. B.B.Q and fire pit area. Grassy lower backyard area with outdoor music. The lot features plenty of lounging area. To top it off includes a Hot Tub! Also includes a gourmet cook's kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances and granite counter-tops. Beautiful white couch which is perfect for photo shoots. The living room hosts a fireplace and plenty of natural lighting. The living room is also a theater with performance surround sound. Inside the garage is a state of the art gym filled with a bench press, squat rack, dumb bells, combat ropes and box jumps. PLEASE NOTE: This house comes alive with a colorful flair at night. All lighting in the house is equipped with Phillips Hughes smart bulbs which allow you to change the color in any room including the outside area and hillside. This will transform the house into an amazing party setting! This Home Is Perfect for: Parties Commercial Projects Documentaries Feature Films Film Shorts Independent Films Music Videos Performing Arts Photography Projects Reality Shows Student Films Television commercials Television Series Television Shows Training/ Industrial Videos Web Series

75 guests max  |  2nd floor  |  6466 sq. feet  |  Home  |  3 Rooms  |  3 Bathrooms
75 guests
75 guests
75 guests
75 guests
75 guests


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Air Conditioning
Sound System
Private Entrance
Breakout Rooms
Conference Phone
Green Screen
Large table
Photography Lighting
Power Tie-in
Projector and Screen / TV


Garage Door
On-site parking
Parking near by
Wheelchair / handicapped accessible
Delivery access
Freight elevator
Street level

Space Rules

No open house


Furniture rental
Lighting system
Bathroom attendant
Coat check
Event manager
Security crew
Trash removal

Photos and Tags

Bare Walls
Fire Pit
Screening Room
Wood Floors
Dining Table
Large Windows
Modern Bathroom
White Space
Natural Light
Open Kitchen


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