8 Halloween Event Spaces Your Friends Have Never Been To


ncovering a unique space that feels fresh and exciting can be kind of scary 😱 That’s why we’ve handpicked 8 wicked spaces for your Halloween event, perfect for your friends, family, or colleagues. No need to even stress out about your costume –  you’ll be THAT person, who knows what’s “in”.

New York

A Little Palace in Brooklyn

Delight your guests by inviting them to an ex-industrial building in Bushwick. In this super special loft conversion, almost every piece of furniture you see is an original design or an antique that has been heavily modified and restored – perfect for making a good impression.

Williamsburg Studio and Prop House

This ground floor studio and prop-house space, hosts fashion and celebrity shoots by day, and can be your one-of-a-kind Halloween party at night.  Obviously, your friends will not forget this original and eclectic space.

San Francisco

Modern Creative Art Gallery, Workspace, and Cafe

This particular space was designed for artists, creators, and good-willed people who wanted to do good for the community.  The gallery spans over two floors, which you can rent for your first ceramics exhibition, offsite brain-storm and even special family occasions. Collaborate with local resident artists and use this space to its fullest potential.

Food Truck Park

If you’re looking for something intrinsically unique and in the heart of the district, then we’ve got the exact one for you. Reasonably priced, you can rent the Full Barn, just the Wing of the Barn and/or the School Bus. This is the one-of-a-kind experience you’ve been yearning for.


European Library and Study

Plush couches. Thought-provoking art. Dusty books. This is the quintessential library from the early 1900’s, which can be easily transformed into an eerie Halloween party, or whatever Buffy the Vampire Slayer desires.

Bright Studio Loft in Lincoln Park

You’ll love this space with your close-knit crew. Turn this blank canvas into a Halloween dream…or nightmare.   This 2000 square foot space with 15′ ceilings is just waiting to be transformed.

Los Angeles

Brick & Wood Loft in DTLA’s Arts District

This intimate space is located in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown LA. The host, Milan loves nature, cooking, and traveling. She works for a company that hosts pop-up dinners with a number of super talented chefs. Get in touch if you are also interested in having a chef at your event.

Burbank Studio and Theater

Book the entire campus or one of its three flexible creative spaces – perfect for that big company event (and that boss you want to dazzle). If you love a disco ball, classic art-deco chandelier, smooth gray cement floors, and roll up garage doors – then bingo, here’s your space.

What advice do you have for event organizers looking for a Halloween Event spaces?

A lot of our incredible community members come here for insights, and your advice may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough. Comments below.

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