Managing Innovation With Remote Teams


s your remote team lacking creativity? Try changing up their office space by booking an off-site for your next meeting. While staying inside your home office does have benefits, you need to create an in-person space to cultivate company culture. Meeting in-person when your team is mainly remote will help get innovative ideas flowing again. Splacer has inspiring and unique spaces in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. Search for an offsite that works for your specific team and watch as meaningful relationships begin forming in-person.

Splacer has unique offices to inspire remote teams from all sectors. From celebratory product launch venues to quiet coworking spaces, we have got you covered. Once you get a few ideas, search for a space near you and book ahead of time. Read below for some ideas on managing innovation with remote teams! 

Day office in San Francisco 

Try renting out a day office like this one in Oakland, California. This is a perfect example of an affordable office space for teams meeting only once or twice a month. At only $30 per hour, this office space holds only four people, perfect for smaller teams in San Francisco. Instead of paying rent for an office, book this on-demand space when you and your coworkers need to cram in an in-person work session. 

Product launch in NYC

This versatile downtown SoHo loft can hold up to 65 people. For New York teams needing a large space to present their project, this is the ideal venue. Instead of doing a Zoom presentation, this in-person pop-up will give your team a boost of inspiration. Invite friends, family, and executives to see all of your hard work in a new and inspiring space. 

Board meeting in Chicago​​

If you want to host a board meeting with executives, check out this affordable space. For only $89 per hour, this space includes a monitor, whiteboard, and polycom phone. These types of board meeting spaces are ideal for creating a professional atmosphere outside of the usual office. With amenities and ample seating, this space is perfect for hybrid Chicago teams. 

Spacious conference room in LA

Need a conference room to present ideas? Book this spacious room for $300 per hour. When you book this space, you can spread out in the spacious area and use the conference table. The modular tables allow for reconfiguration to fit your team’s needs. Plus, there’s natural light, an Apple TV, and a portable 65" 4K Technology Sony. 

Holiday party in Miami

This unique space will inspire your hybrid employees to celebrate their accomplishments. Located in Lighthouse Point, this gorgeous home is only $200 per hour and has waterfront views. The open floor plan allows for easy access to every room and leads to an outdoor seating area. With the glass windows and stunning kitchen space, your guests will be wowed by this beautiful party venue!

These five spaces are just a few of the thousands that we have at Splacer. On-demand workspaces like these are the future of hybrid work, as teams can meet less and make their meetings more efficient. If you find a space that works for your remote team, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram at!

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