Building Trust in the Remote Workforce


o have a hybrid company, you must build trust between your remote workers. When trust is established online, in-person interactions will flourish. There are many benefits to remote work, such as a broad access to talent from all over the world. Some workers may enjoy the flexibility of balancing work and home life. But while remote workers spend most of their time working individually, it is key to focus on working together in-person to build trust. 

These in-person connections can be built outside of the usual office spaces. Try renting on-demand, unique offsites for your remote team to gather and recharge as a group. Splacer has thousands of temporary office spaces that will save your company money in the long run while still cultivating company culture. Read below for five tips on building trust in the remote workforce!

Ask questions

If you do not ask your team what they need, there is no way of tailoring your meetings to their specific needs. Some employees might want more of the work-life balance, while some want to go back to nine to five office times. Other employees might enjoy not commuting to an office everyday, saving money on gas or metro cards. Ask if your team has access to amenities, and if you need certain ones for a meeting, book a space on Splacer with the ones you need!

Creative meetings

While most hybrid companies are comfortable with Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Slack, it is important to try meeting in a different way. When you book a creative space on Splacer, you can host a casual team gathering to boost communication and build trust. We have yoga studios, rooftops, and co-working spaces with unique amenities to help get your ideas flowing. Try sharing a fun fact while you work out with your coworkers or share a beverage on the roof! 

More or less meetings

Decide if you are going to meet bi-weekly or quarterly with your team. Sometimes, your team may need less in-person meetings than you think. Once you make your meetings meaningful and productive, you will not have to meet as much and save your employees the commute. On the other hand, some hybrid teams may want to meet more times during the week to keep trust growing in the company. Either way, Splacer has affordable options for your team! 

Create a clear goal

Once your team is working in-person, be sure to get across your goal for the meeting. Use a whiteboard, projector, or flip charts to present your clear ideas for your team. Splacer has a variety of office spaces with amenities to present your creative and clear company goals. By setting a strong expectation for your employees, your time spent in-person will be both effective and meaningful. This also lets your employees know how to manage their time during the meeting! 

New office space

Most importantly, changing your team’s environment will directly impact their motivation, inspiration, and feeling of community. Some remote workers have no personal space while working from home, often struggling to balance work and family boundaries. But if you rent out a unique space to meet as a team, this change in scenery can inspire your team to focus. Book a quiet library space or a cozy coffee shop to bring a calm ambiance to your meeting! 

The remote workforce is not a new idea, as technologies and digital tools tend to encourage remote work. Splacer has many spaces to accommodate hybrid teams needing to build trust with in-person connections. Try stepping away from the screens and planning unique meetings with clear expectations at convenient times. Be sure to tag us on Instagram at when you book a space for your remote team! 

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