Demi Lovato / Invisible House

If you’re a Demi Lovato fan, you might recognize this beautiful “invisible” house featured in her recent Instagram photos promoting her newest album Dancing with the Devil … The Art of Starting Over. In a UK Daily Mail article, Lovato sports a white pantsuit with sandstone surrounding her, using the stunning invisible house to help frame her desert chic look. You can rent this epic space on Splacer today!

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11 Production Studios to Rent in Atlanta

For creatives living in Atlanta, Splacer has got you covered with unique, inspiring spaces. These photo studios, video venues, and flexible spaces will be the perfect backdrop for your next creative project. Read below for these 11 production studios located in Atlanta.

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8 Top Production Studios in Chicago

Finding a production studio in Chicago is easy with Splacer. These photo studios are available to rent, perfect for photoshoots, film productions, or any creative purpose. Check out these 8 creative spaces in Chicago and get ready to bring your photoshoot equipment!

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