Best of Splacer: Halloween Spaces


alloween brings out the creative side in everyone. Eclectic, humorous, odd, and downright scary costumes can be viewed all over the country on the holiday, making for great stories and memorable experiences. Celebrated by those who adore myths, magic, and mystery, Halloween is truly an extraordinary time. Host your spooky, eccentric Halloween bash in our favorite spaces.

Underground Boxing Club

This boutique boxing club has a profound history. It was adapted from a series of illegal boxing parties, and is housed in a former activist hangout and after-hours bar. Every aesthetic detail evokes its historical significance. Exposed brick and pipes, red neon signs and lighting, and vintage posters capture this spirit. Rows of hanging bags can appear eerie in a Halloween setting, and dim lighting can enhance any creepy congregation.


Amusement Park of Inspiration

Decorated by whimsical art and designs, this Manhattan artist’s loft is beautifully peculiar. Simple white brick walls are covered in paintings and photographs, while hanging glass ornaments, bohemian furniture, and brightly-colored couches also accent the space. Come here for any Halloween celebration or photo shoot and revel in the unconventional space.


Playful Salon for Kids

This adorable, fun space for children offers haircuts, books, and toys. Host a Halloween party for your children and their friends at this space, and enjoy your time there – the space offers coffee, croissants, and special sophisticated lattes and teas to parents. Cute, kid-friendly decorations enhance the space and add character to any event.


Graffiti Studio

Graffiti designs, taxidermies, rugs, and leather couches all accentuate this impressive studio. Described as a “jungle of creativity,” there is endless possibility in the space. Hold a photo shoot, an offsite meeting, a party, and so much more in this space. The decor and studio setting makes the space easily transformable for any Halloween-related event.


Magical Events Space

Head to the Upper East Side and check out this remarkable space. The venue features giant tubes of nearly any edible creation in any color. Get your sweet tooth ready – this space will effortlessly please all trick-or-treaters. Enjoy the wide array of candies without the effort and stress of walking all over the city.


Eclectic Museum Space

A “cabinet of curiosities” housed in this space is perfect for any photo shoot, film, or party. Trinkets, interesting lighting, paintings, and other items all combine to form an unusual, diverse collection. A backyard area features a bar, stage, and screen for projection. There’s a ton of Brooklyn character in the space, yet is still perfect for any creative who desires to add his or her own touch.


Taxidermy Apartment

An obscure taxidermy collection featured in an old apartment – what could be more interesting for a Halloween event? Featuring antlers, sheep, and even a polar bear, the ambience is extremely different from other spaces. Along with white lighting and chipped-paint walls, this makes for an impeccable Halloween photo shoot or party.


Words by Katie Roscoe

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