From the Founders: Making Space Sustainable – A New Perspective


his month, CEO Adi Biran discusses the sustainability of space and how we can make use of the many spaces in our community that traditionally lay idle for hours, or days, at a time. Read more about how Biran is using this sentiment as momentum to challenge the traditional assumptions of what spaces can and should be used for.

CEO Adi Biran

“When people talk about sustainability, it is usually through an environmental lens that is focused on preserving finite natural resources for future generations. In architecture, we talk about it as a means of minimizing the environmental footprint through efficient use of building materials and energy preservation. But recently it has become clear we need to expand this definition and consider how we make the use of space more sustainable as well.

Today, over 50 per cent of the world’s population lives in urban areas. By 2050 that figure is expected to rise to almost 70 per cent. In the United States, two cities serve as a microcosm of what that future may look like — New York City and San Francisco. Driven by a multitude of factors, they have seen a growth in population (and popularity) which has disproportionately outpaced the availability of space, driving up property costs to unprecedented levels.”

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