Industry Insiders: Experiential Gathering!


We recently partnered with Bizzabo for an event titled Industry Insiders: Experiential Gathering, which was centered around sharing our event planning tools and ideas for pre-holiday inspiration and collaboration.

The event was held in one of the most beautiful galleries in Chelsea, which is located in the center of the historic West Chelsea and the Highline Arts District, and alone made the event a memorable experience. This spectacular structure with unique architectural details features 24-foot ceilings, exposed steel beams and a magnificent skylight. While the space is unique, its structured design makes it versatile for almost any event.

Each of the rooms in the gallery accommodated different activities, from incredible live performances, food and cocktails, and The Haiku Guys creative on-site poetry, accompanied by a giveaway creation station where guests could create their own tote bags. Event attendees included industry event professionals from across New York, as well as the Bizzabo and the Splacer network.

Inside of chelsea event space
(Photographer: Christiana)

As event professionals, it is essential to stay on top of the latest trends and collaborate with our industry partners, and this engaging and collaborative event allowed us to come together and do this through thought provoking and exciting activities and conversations.

We have a number of people to thank for the event. Firstly, we would like to thank Yael Raviv and Umami for producing a one-of-a-kind event, as well as our amazing host, Ashwin, who welcomed us into his extraordinary space.

We also worked with a number of incredible vendors that we would like to thank and we have listed below.

Lighthouse Catering
Lighthouse, who treated us to a delicious and beautiful spread & Remy-Cointreau for the amazing cocktails (Photographer: Christiana)
mariana event design for Splacer
Mariana for the beautiful event design (Photographer: Christiana)
stellar vintage furniture rentals
Stellar-Vintage for their fabulous, unique tables and other furniture pieces (Photographer: Christiana)
Rina, for creating the wall art and calligraphy in real time (Photographer: Christiana)
Kendra an firecracker floral plants for event
Kendra and Firecracker Floral for the lovely plants (Photographer: Christiana)

We would also like to thank the following artists and vendors for transforming the evening into an inspiring and engaging experience:

  • YR for their engaging and exciting 3D printing station
  • The amazing Shamel for his site-specific choreography
  • Omri, our incredible DJ
  • The Haiku Guys for the lovely intimate experience and keepsake
  • Josh for seamless tech setup
dance in event
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