Loft turned into a Runners Heaven


rooks, the sports apparel company that is putting its community of runners at the heart of its activities, tailored an exciting event to celebrate Global Running Day, for its community of runners.

Leveraging the impressive loft and rooftop located at the heart of West Village, Brooks invited its community of runners for an early morning jog through the neighborhood. The morning started with an inspirational speech by Brooks, thanking the many runners who showed commitment and brand loyalty by getting up early for a group run through the quiet and colorful streets of the West Village. Once the run was completed, the runners indulged in the many activities Brooks crafted especially for the event, leveraging the loft’s unique set up and impressive design:

An interactive wall

A large strip of printed vinyl covered the south wall of the loft. The vinyl, peppered with inspirational keywords and drawings, allowed participants to add their creative touch with running and sports-related drawings and paintings

community board
Community Board

A green corner

Running is a sport that feeds off its environment  – we run outdoors absorbing and getting a boost from our interaction with the people and scenery, be it in a natural or urban environment. To illustrate the strong connection to the environment, Brooks hosted a green stand, offering small algae plants to the crowd of runners as a reminder to appreciate the environment we run in.

green corner

Post run energizers

For the event,Brooks partnered with Misfit Juices, to indulge runners in refreshing post-run juices and ravishing appetizers that were offered indoors in the loft, as well as outdoors on the rooftop, offering runners that special moment of re-energizing after a run, while breathing in the beauty of the city as it wakes up for a fresh new day.

appetizers for post-runner
sponsorship for the brooks brothers event

The loft and rooftop areas were well utilized to maximize the indoor as well as outdoor experience and to enhance that special ‘Runners-High’ – from the connection to the environment, through the physical invigoration and mental high.

west village duplex

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