Spotlight: Stevie Boi’s F/W 18 Collection – “PINK”


ew York Fashion Week is nothing short of hectic. Designers are trying to create a show that stands out and gets noticed, and it’s becoming increasingly hard to find a unique, wow-factor venue that can hold your runway show, pop-up, or after-party.

With NYFW well and truly over, we sat down with Stevie Boi, an American fashion designer who presented his F/W 18 collection, entitled “PINK,” at one of Splacer’s venues.

Stevie Boi broke away from the typical show locations. He wanted to host his runway show somewhere a bit more unexpected…and Splacer helped him do that.

Pink fashion show

SPLACER: Tell us, which 5 words best describe you?

STEVIE BOI: I would describe myself as fun, outgoing and willing to challenge and learn new things.

SPLACER: What did you love at this space? Was there a favorite object, design feature or feeling that you helped you make the decision?

STEVIE BOI: The space gives me the ability to have an open canvas. My favorite feature in the space is the high ceilings and the ability to make anything possible.

Whoopi Goldberg at event

SPLACER: What do you think of the sharing economy?

STEVIE BOI: I think it is growing rapidly. It is a no brainier for those that want to have a new look or feel when doing events. Traditionally consumers would book the same venue over and over again this gives people better options.

SPLACER: What do you think of Splacer? The ability to discover new spaces and to reinvent how the space is used.

STEVIE BOI: I think Splacer is a strong example of what the future will entail in regards to space sharing. Having options is very important and will lead consumers to recommending Splacer.

Models walking down runway

You too can join the pack of fashion designers, brand managers or production producers opting to break away from the typical location scouting methods. Whether you’re looking for the right setting to present your collection, launch your line, or host your after party, Splacer’s got you covered. Stevie Boi’s pop-up multimedia storefront space in Tribeca/SoHo is available to book via Splacer

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