Your Influencer Event Planning Checklist


ocial media influencers can bring big value to your brand. Planning events that are likely to bring influencers to your door is a solid marketing tactic, but it can be difficult to do right, especially with the number of fraudulent influencers out there. Here’s a quick checklist to help your next influencer event go off without a hitch.

1. Location, Location, Location

unique space

There are a lot of events that good social influencers are invited to. Make yours stand out by hosting it in a cool location. Choose a space with a “wow” factor or that offers a look and feel very different from places you traditionally see events held at.

2. Do Your Homework

Splacer & PINK NYFW Catwalk

Look for the real deal when it comes to social influencers. Check them out and make sure they’re legit before you invite them — the last thing you want is to spend money on hosting an event for fake influencers.

3. Offer a Swag Bag

Soap & Glory's Influencers Event

Give out some free gifts to your influencers as a thank you for coming. Don’t be cheap — swag bags should include at least a couple really awesome items.

4. Promote Your Event Ahead of Time

Make sure you promote your event well in the weeks leading up to it. Create and post slick graphics with the date and time and create shareable content that is more likely to get linked to from other sources.

5. Hashtag It

#RunItForward - Brooks running event

Hashtags aren’t just something older generations tease millennials about — they’re a legitimate form of marketing. Create custom hashtags for your event so your influencers can use them when posting. Use other valuable hashtags, including ones that appeal to local markets, hobbies, and interests.

After the event, make sure you follow up with your influencers to help foster the mutually beneficial relationship that you’re building. Give them a big thank you for helping to market your brand!

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