7 Offsites in Chicago for the Holiday Season


ith the holiday season coming up, Chicago teams will need offsites to get work accomplished. Splacer has unique coworking spaces for you to meet up with remote coworkers, host a hybrid meeting, or book a brainstorming session. These on-demand, affordable office spaces will be beneficial for your budget and keep your employees inspired for the holidays. Read more about these 7 offsites in Chicago for the holiday season! 

3600 SF Picture Frame Factory Loft 

Located in Goose Island, this sunny loft is only $350 per hour. With 16 windows to let in natural light, this bright space features a conference table, eclectic furniture and art, and a beautiful kitchen. Plus, there is a pool table and movie room for when your team needs a creative break!

Large & lively restaurant on sunny corner

This single-story Costa Rican restaurant is only $250 per hour. Located in Bucktown, this cultural space offers movable furniture, a glass mosaic, and colorful accents to bring this offsite to life. The open layout and natural light will be refreshing for your coworkers, bringing new ideas to your meeting!

Meeting Space on Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL ​​

Do you need an affordable venue under $50 in River North? Try booking this meeting space for an impressive $20 per hour. This luxury meeting space is ideal for small teams, holding up to 6 guests. With a whiteboard, phone, and wifi, this fully equipped offsite will help your next meeting go smoothly. 

East Loop Conference Space 

At only $80 per hour, this conference space is located in Lincoln Park. Some notable amenities include a flat screen monitor, projector, and conference phone. If you have a presentation, use the white board and flip charts to display your ideas. There is also a beautiful kitchen if your team needs a snack break!

Beautiful Conference Room in the Loop

Are you looking for a fully equipped conference room? Check out this sunny space located in the Chicago Loop. For only $83 per hour, this affordable offsite provides a 70 inch HD monitor, whiteboard wall, and pin-board wall. To view more of the breakout rooms, click this link for a virtual tour! 

Modern Culinary Event Space for 15 Guests 

If you want a unique offsite, try renting this culinary event space for up to 15 guests. For only $250 per hour, this modern venue has two areas for seating. With windows as well as overhead lighting, this space is bright and inspiring. This is ideal for a small brainstorming session or collaborative project!

One-Of-A-Kind Venue in Chicago's West Loop 

This one-of-a-kind venue is only $250 per hour and located in the heart of Chicago’s West Loop. With a capacity for up to 150 guests, this versatile venue is ideal for large teams needing a coworking space. There is a comfortable lounge area, breakout rooms, and a conference room to get work accomplished! 

Splacer has conference rooms, meeting spaces, and office areas for you to get your work done this holiday season. Book one of these 7 Chicago offsites for your next collaborative company event. Tag us to share your successful offsite meetings, board meetings, or sales meeting!

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