9 Offsites in Los Angeles to Build Company Culture


re you looking for affordable offsites in LA? Splacer has renovated churches, modern homes, and beautiful lofts that can be transformed into coworking spaces. These unique and affordable spaces are ideal for creating an inspiring work environment. Check out these 9 offsites in Los Angeles to build company culture!

Renovated Church- Events & Production 

Do you need an offsite for under $100? Try booking this renovated church for only $95 per hour. Located in Central Los Angeles, this unique coworking space has two iMac 4k capture stations, Adobe Suite, and Capture One. This is ideal for an artistic team needing a creative space to brainstorm new ideas! 

Modern Hillside Home for Shoots, Los Angeles, CA 

Located in Mount Washington, this modern home is only $125 per hour. This cozy space is made for photoshoots, but doubles as an offsite. With a conference table, chairs, and lounge area, you can easily get work accomplished in this spacious home. Plus, you can step outside on the terrace and admire the view!

Indoor Event & Production Space In Venice 

This Venice event space is only $200 per hour. With a conference table, comfortable chairs, and natural light, your team will appreciate this minimal space. There is also a lounge area, kitchen space, and breakout room. Try renting this space for a board meeting or brainstorming session!

Mid Town Modern With Private Staging Court 

Are you looking for a luxurious offsite in LA? Try booking this massive modern home in Central Los Angeles. For only $200 per hour, this stunning space has wifi, Sonos surround speakers, and four different rooms. You can work in the main living space at the sleek table or head to the lounge area for a break!

Entertainer's Dream, Los Angeles, CA 

If you need an outdoor meeting space, book this contemporary home in Studio City. At just $250 per hour, this versatile space has an outdoor work area, cozy living room, and modern kitchen with additional seating. With 4,500 square feet of space, this offsite is ideal for larger LA teams needing a change of scenery. 


This huge event space offers almost 4,000 square feet of space. With room for up to 200 people, this creative space is perfect for large LA teams needing to spread out and get work accomplished. The comfortable furniture, kitchen area, and artistic decor will bring new ideas to life in this space! 

Historic 1908 Loft: 5500 sqft Photo & Film 

Affordable and rustic, this loft is only $150 per hour. This Downtown Los Angeles space has been rented by Netflix, HBO, and Ford for production purposes. But you can easily transform this into an office space with the conference table, natural light, and open layout! 

Bright, Trendy Loft. Open floor plan -NEW! 

Located in Pasadena, this trendy loft has the perfect balance of work and entertainment. With TVs, a conference room, and movable furniture, this flexible space can be an efficient office. There is also a lounge area, foosball table, and vintage motorcycle for decor. This is perfect for a more casual team meeting!

Industrial Chic - Arts District warehouse 

Do you need a unique space to bring your creative vision to life? Book this whimsical space for only $300 per hour. The open floor plan, string lights, and rustic seating gives this offsite a relaxing atmosphere. You can easily collaborate with coworkers, host a seminar, or train new employees in this space! 

With amazing amenities and plenty of seating arrangements, these offsites can accommodate a variety of companies. Whether you need a space for a conference or a board meeting, Splacer has got you covered with these spaces to build company culture. Book one of these 9 LA offsites today!

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