Empower Your Employees To Work From Anywhere - Inspiring Meeting Spaces for Remote Teams in Miami


efore hybrid work became the norm, employees would pay rent for office spaces. Now, the footprint of offices is shrinking for in-person companies. Employers will rent out smaller, on-demand spaces for in-person meetings to save money and make their meetings more meaningful and productive. While most of the work is remote, this does not mean you never meet with your team. This means your team will meet in special circumstances, gathering in celebration in a unique office space.

Whether weekly, bi-weekly, or quarterly, your team will create valuable in-person connections in inspiring spaces. Splacer allows you to have 4,000 spaces at your fingertips so you can find the ideal space for your team to feel comfortable. Try renting out one of these five inspiring meeting spaces for remote teams in Miami to empower your employees to work from anywhere!

Creative Co-Working Space & Venue, Miami, FL 

If you are a creative and hybrid team in the Wynwood Arts District, check out this meeting space. This collaborative space offers an impressive 10,000 square feet of space, ideal for large teams needing a space to create, converse, and get ideas flowing. Plus, there is a garden space with more seating for fresh air! 

Downtown Miami Flexible Event Space, Miami, FL 

Looking for a hybrid work space? Try booking this 7,000 square foot event space in Downtown Miami. Some features include a projector, plenty of tables and chairs for in-person employees, and an additional lounge area for work. You can reconfigure the seating arrangements to classroom or theater style!

Modern space with high ceilings and patio ​​​​

Want a space that won’t feel like your home office? This North Miami Beach warehouse has high ceilings, an open space, and seating areas to spread out and accomplish your remote work. With 4,300 square feet of space, your hybrid team can enjoy the backyard, mezzanine, and pool table!

Executive Business center at Brickell 

Do you need an affordable and on-demand office space? This modern conference room is an impressive $39 per hour. With the large windows and view from the third floor, this inspiring space can fit up to 16 guests. This sunny and sleek office space is ideal for hybrid teams on a budget!

Creative Work/Meeting Space, Miami, FL 

Need a flexible and hybrid workspace? This multi-room meeting space in Little River has a boardroom, lounge area, and game area for when your team needs a break. Your team can collaborate in the office space or start a game of ping pong to build teamwork. Book your next offsite in this playful yet professional space! 


The future of work is hybrid, but this does not mean in-person connections need to decrease. Your remote team needs to build trust with human connections. Remote teams have the potential to form closer relationships with their teams than office workers, as they can plan purposeful meetings. Use Splacer to plan your next empowering in-person employees to work from anywhere and tag us on Instagram at!

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