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f you’re a Demi Lovato fan, you might recognize this beautiful “invisible” house featured in her recent Instagram photos promoting her newest album Dancing with the Devil … The Art of Starting Over. In a UK Daily Mail article, Lovato sports a white pantsuit with sandstone surrounding her, using the stunning invisible house to help frame her desert chic look. You can rent this epic space on Splacer today!

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Located near Joshua Tree National Park, this massive house is only two hours away from Los Angeles and ten minutes from downtown Joshua Tree. Laying across 90 acres of desert rock, you might even miss this sleek space at first glance. Isolated yet elegant, the architecture blends into the mountains of sand while renters escape into a magical mirrored environment. 


With 5,500 square feet of mirrors, the house appears “invisible” from the outside, but allows for stunning sunset views from the inside. The four king sized beds and modern kitchen still face the beauty of Joshua Tree, keeping the sense of nature and seclusion throughout the whole space. One extraordinary feature includes the 100-foot indoor pool with color-changing lights, reflecting the skyline while you lounge comfortably. An important feature: air conditioning to keep you cool even in the desert!


This versatile space is ideal for high-end photoshoots, unique film projects, or weekend getaways. Other uses listed for the space include commercials, showcase presentations, or product launches. With a maximum of 300 guests and ample space, fashion shows, conventions, or even weddings can easily be hosted here!


Sleek and deluxe, this home was designed by architect Tomas Osinski for husband-wife film duo Chris and Roberta Hanley. Some of their many acclaimed projects include American Psycho, Virgin Suicides, and Buffalo 66. Available today on Splacer, this special site is a one-of-a-kind experience at $1000 per hour or $5000 per day. If this invisible house is still out of your budget, Roberta also hosts a cozy Sky Ranch in Joshua Tree at $350 per hour!

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