Ideas For Planning a Team Event for Remote Work Employees In Chicago


emote work does not mean you never see your coworkers. Instead, remote companies should be intentional with their in-person meetings and create a welcoming, safe, and social environment. Splacer has unique event spaces for Chicago teams needing to create in-person connections with coworkers. We have ideas for planning a team event that will build trust, establish relationships, and share unique skills to give your company an edge in the hybrid work world. Discover these five ideas for your next corporate event in Chicago!

Add in Movement: Boxing Room gym

In remote work, there are often too many hours spent sitting at your desk all day. Try renting a boxing room and host a movement class like yoga to help reset your mind and body! Being able to travel for work will feel meaningful and help you bond with your team members in a creative and refreshing way. 

Host a Trivia Night: Meet, Eat and Enjoy being on Lake Michigan 

Located on Lake Michigan, this event space is ideal for a trivia night in Chicago. With tables and chairs, a barbecue grill, and a fire pit, this festive venue will encourage socialization between in-person coworkers. Try asking questions about your hybrid company model, your remote team members, or unique ice breakers!

Do a Journaling Activity: Beautiful Spacious Space 

If you need a modern venue, check out this beautiful space in Near North. With unique art decor, plenty of seating, and ample natural light, this bright space is ideal for a journaling activity. Ask you coworkers to write about why they joined the company, their personal goals as an employee, or a fun fact about themselves! 

Share a Meal Together: Industrial West Loop Bar and Restaurant

Are you searching for a dinner party venue in Greektown? This industrial bar and restaurant is only $250 per hour. With a full kitchen and two full bars, this party venue is well-equipped for a company gathering. There is seating for up to 100 guests and standing room for up to 150, perfect for large teams in Chicago. Book this space, hire a catering company, and let conversations flow! 

 Step Away from the Computers: South Loop Industrial Loft

For only $150 per hour, try renting this South Loop loft for your next team event. With almost 7,000 square feet of space, this massive venue has plenty of seating, a catering kitchen, and a beverage bar. The rooftop area is perfect for socializing and enjoying the city views. Close your computers, get some fresh air, and reimagine company goals in this inspiring space!


At Splacer, we have unique spaces for your remote team in Chicago. These creative team events will strengthen in-person relationships between your company. Stepping away from your computer and entering a refreshing space can have amazing benefits for your productivity. When your team shares enjoyable experiences and builds trust in-person, the remote work will only feel more meaningful. Tag us on Instagram at if you host a gathering, meeting, or activity in any of these beautiful spaces! 

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