Managing Innovation With Remote Teams

Is your remote team lacking creativity? Try changing up their office space by booking an off-site for your next meeting. While staying inside your home office does have benefits, you need to create an in-person space to cultivate company culture. Meeting in-person when your team is mainly remote will help get innovative ideas flowing again. Splacer has inspiring and unique spaces in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. Search for an offsite that works for your specific team and watch as meaningful relationships begin forming in-person.

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11 Production Studios to Rent in Atlanta

For creatives living in Atlanta, Splacer has got you covered with unique, inspiring spaces. These photo studios, video venues, and flexible spaces will be the perfect backdrop for your next creative project. Read below for these 11 production studios located in Atlanta.

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8 Top Production Studios in Chicago

Finding a production studio in Chicago is easy with Splacer. These photo studios are available to rent, perfect for photoshoots, film productions, or any creative purpose. Check out these 8 creative spaces in Chicago and get ready to bring your photoshoot equipment!

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