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Important Information:

Splacer general liability insurance will be provided only for bookings with start dates until November 14th, 2023. Bookings with start dates after this will not be covered by our insurance policy.

$1,000,000 insurance coverage

As a Space Provider, you trust Splacer, so we make sure you’re protected.
For every booking made on Splacer, with a start date until November 14th, 2023, we include a Space Provider liability coverage of up to $1,000,000. Your safety – and that of these remarkable spaces – is of shared importance to all of us.

Our policy has been specially designed for a sharing economy model, and Space Providers are automatically insured on Splacer at no additional cost. We are committed to the sharing and thoughtful use of our resources. Space Providers can rest assured they’re covered whether any damages are contingent, in excess or directly dictated by the specific situation.

If you have any questions – ever – feel free to contact our support team.

Q & A

What is the space provider insurance policy?

All Splacer space providers – the owners of the spaces listed on the platform – are covered for all bookings transacted through Splacer, with a start date prior to November 14th, 2023. Bookings with a start date after November 14th, 2023, or bookings made outside Splacer will not qualify for this insurance coverage. As a result, we strongly recommend Space Providers manage and track all messaging and transactions solely through the Splacer platform for their own safety, support and insurance liability coverage.

Who is covered by the insurance provided by Splacer?

Our coverage is known as a General Liability (GL) insurance, protecting space providers from injury or property damage liability claims when their space is used during a booking. This coverage is automatic and the protection amount is guaranteed up to $1,000,000 for all Splacer bookings that comply with our terms and conditions.

What do I need to do to be covered under this policy?

By listing your space on Splacer and following our policies you are automatically covered. To qualify, bookings must be completed and paid in full on the Splacer platform, subject to the policy terms and our terms of service.

What is protected?

The following is covered by our extensive insurance plan of up to $1,000,000 in coverage:

  • Property Damage: Loss of others’ property for which a Space Provider may be legally liable for (including rented property) during a Splacer booking.
  • Bodily Injury: Injuries to people for which a Space Provider may be legally liable during a Splacer booking.
  • Medical Payments: Payments to cover medical expenses incurred by injured parties.
  • Liquor Liability: Bodily injury or property damage resulting in the serving or distributing of alcoholic beverages during a Splacer booking.
  • Legal Defense: Costs a provider may incur in legal expenses as a result of any of the above claims made against the space provider.

Does the Space Provider insurance cover damage to my property?

Splacer Space Provider insurance is designed to protect Space Providers from certain liability claims made against them by an Event Organizer or their attendees. The policy is not designed to cover damage to the Space Provider own property that occurs during a booking. More information about personal property claims and dispute resolution please contact our customer care.

How does this compare to business or homeowners insurance?

Splacer has designed a policy specifically tailored to provide coverage for short-term space use. This policy supplements and expands the coverage available under the provider’s existing business or homeowner’s policy. We automatically provide this insurance to Space Providers for no additional charge on all Splacer bookings. This insurance is not a replacement for insurance that Space Providers normally carry on their business or residence (i.e. a homeowner’s or commercial general liability policy).

How is this different than a security deposit?

Security deposits protect against minor damages, cleanliness, and overtime use. Any Space Provider can continue to easily use our booking system and include security deposits with each booking in addition to the insurance coverage we automatically provide.

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