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About Splacer

Splacer is a marketplace where people can list,
discover and book unique spaces.

As architects, we believe we can improve the way we use and share space in order to foster creativity, build
community and promote a more sustainable model of urban life.

Our marketplace gives access to undiscovered and underutilized spaces, offering extraordinary arenas for events,
experiences and activations of all shapes and sizes. Unlike other platforms, Splacer curates its spaces: all spaces
are reviewed by our team with an eye for great design.

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Our Story

As architects we understand the power of space. We envisioned a world where beautiful spaces
never goes to waste, and can be a shared commodity.

We believed that exciting spaces could inspire creativity and generate new ideas.
This implies a philosophy of local sharing and the thoughtful use of resources - all of which
we wanted to extend to as many communities as possible.

With Splacer we could reimagine use of space, and create a more sustainable and enjoyable ways of living together.
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Splacer for Event Organizers

Event organizers can browse listings and filter spaces by size, location, event-type, or general keyword. Once they find a space they like, organizers can connect with the host to receive additional information. They can also search "Friends of Splacer" for production services and equipment.

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Splacer for Space Owners

Sign up your beautiful space by entering some basic information. Once approved, the Splacer Team will reach out for additional information about your space, pictures, and the types of events you would welcome. Once listed on the site, you can communicate with event organizers about availability and prices. Splacer will handle payment processing and all other backend details to guarantee a safe and secure exchange all around.

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Splacer for Service Providers

Friends of Splacer is a community of creative and talented service providers. This is what makes Splacer a true one stop shop for event needs. Sign up with some basic information about your event-related service and, once approved, the Splacer team will reach out for additional information and pictures. Once listed you can communicate with event organizers directly and collaborate with our space owner community.

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New York

33 West 17th Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10011


Moshe Maor St 2
Tel-Aviv, Israel
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