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Popular Conference spaces

Eclectic Theater and Meeting Space

New York | Lower Manhattan

$900 per hour
FOR THOSE LOOKING TO TRANSCEND THE USUAL & MAKE A LASTING IMPRESSION Located in New York's historic NoHo neighborhood, our venue offers unforgettable event and hosting opportunities in one of the city's most distinctive spaces. An urban oasis hidden beneath the streets of New York, the venue is an eclectic yet intimate location that's perfect for events of all types, including corporate off-site functions, live performances, and brand-engagement launches. We are particularly well-suited for clients looking to flex their creativity and communicate their message in a unique way. The layout allows for organizations to craft their event via a theater-seated arrangement, an open floor plan, or a combination of both. With a stage up front, seating or open floor in the center, and a distinct bar area toward the rear of the venue, clients have the ability to create an immersive experience that effortlessly flows from focused presentation to casual mingling or anything in between. A state-of-the art A/V system, evocative LED lighting, ultra-fast internet, and streaming/recording capabilities are available in-house and operated by proficient and attentive technicians who are dedicated to executing your vision with ease. Whether it's a company event, private celebration, or a launch for your next great endeavor, we know that your event is a direct reflection of you and your brand, and we will do everything we can to ensure that your experience with us is seamless, memorable and worry-free.
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Modern Downtown VIP Lounge

New York | Lower Manhattan

$130 per hour
VIP LOUNGE Better than your best friend’s living room. Our VIP Lounge is a multi-use space, perfect for fittings or more informal meetings. Styled with two large mirrors and comfortable + creative furniture with open floor space to spare, this room offers a relaxed setting. It has an open, airy feel or can be closed off from the larger showroom via an industrial garage door, creating the option for privacy.
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Lush Creative Midtown Studio (Full-Access)

New York | Midtown

$100 per hour
This creative studio is a uniquely lush touchdown space in the heart of Midtown. Home to designers, editors, audio engineers, casting directors, photographers, illustrators, and animators, we invite you to plug in and enjoy the green, creative ambiance of our space. Perfect for meetings, presentations, seminars, digital editing, photo shoots, and think-tanks. However with minor furniture rearrangement, this space opens up to become a one-of-a-kind party venue, with a full bar and kegerator. The location is no more than a five minute walk from Times Square, Bryant Park, Penn Station, Herald Square, and Grand Central. Food and drink options are abundant in the area - with your pick of Chinese fare, Cuban eats, fast food chains and local bars and cafés. The studio is divided into three primary areas, all of which are available in this full-access package. 1.) Main Lounge - Open area with many couches and chairs, water cooler, kitchen, bar, and kegerator. 2.) Casting/Photo Lounge - with blue and white paper backdrops, 2x Flashpoint 1300 LED Panel lighting units, sandbags, c-stands, tripods, monopods, and more. 1080p Full HD Projector with Sound System linked up to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and HDMI for your own devices. 3.) Editing Suite - Comfortable lounge setup combined with multiple workstations, versatile monitor arrangements, including large TV, and high quality speakers. Inclusive Gear/Hardware: Wireless Keyboards & Mouses Headphones & Wireless Gaming Headset Webcam AUX Cable for Speaker System Wacom Drawing Tablets Mac Pro Desktop Workstation Multiple Displays (Monitors and Television) with the following display adapters to fit the needs of any device: HDMI/DP/MiniDP/DVI/VGA Chromecast Apple TV Software Available (For additional $20, we can install the Adobe Suite to a device of your choosing.) Adobe Creative Cloud Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Lightroom, and more... ToonBoom Harmony Advanced (Available only on our devices.) ToonBoom Storyboard Pro (Available only on our devices.) Lighting Units for Rent: Flashpoint CL-1300 LED Panel Light (with barn doors) Flashpoint CL-1300 LED Panel Light Devices for Rent: Microsoft Surface Studio (i7, 32 GB RAM, GTX 980) iPad Pro 12.7 in MacBook Pro 2015 (16 GB RAM) Microphones for Rent: CAD e300 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone Rode Microphones K2 Variable‑Pattern Tube Microphone Shure SM58 ELECTRO‑VOICE PL Series PL‑80a Microphone AKG C3000 Microphone Sony ECM MS957 Microphone Samson C01U Microphone Amenities: Airconditioning Fans High Speed WiFi Printing Water cooler Kegerator & Bar (Extra Cost) Kitchenette (No Oven) Lighting and Sound Equipment Flexible Seating & Furniture
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New York | Dumbo

$250 per hour
This 2,500 sq/ft space is fully customizable to your needs. All the furniture can be easily rearranged, and curtains can be used to section off areas of the space for privacy. Additionally, there is a separate space used exclusively for photo/film shoots with an array of lighting and grip equipment available to rent at an additional cost. Included with the space are the following amenities: • 6 - 6ft x 2.5ft folding tables • 4 - 4ft x 2ft folding tables • assorted black tablecloths • 50 black chairs • 20 blue folding chairs • decorative lighting • 2 large monitors on wheels • 1 small monitor on wheels • 3 coat racks • 2 changing rooms • 3 whiteboards • 1 black chalk sandwich board
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4,700 sq ft Gem

New York | Lower Manhattan

$2000 per hour
The 4,700 sq ft gallery space is made up of 14ft ceilings, pristine white walls decorated with high end artwork, raw concrete floors, and almost 60 ft wide floor-to-ceiling windows. The Gallery is one of New York’s premiere commercial art galleries and the preeminent exhibitor of contemporary art.
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Stunning Industrial Loft Studio

New York | Long Island City

$100 per hour
Industrial loft space with stunning end-to-end six foot high vintage casement windows. This open space transforms into a gorgeous production location/stage with contiguous office space and giant outdoor patio. There is also a rooftop with skyline views that can be used for shooting. One stop from Grand Central and East 53rd St. and incredibly easy to access by subway, car (Queensboro and Midtown Tunnel are a few blocks away) and even ferry. Additional space may be available depending on needs and project. Numerous videos and episodic TV have been shot here, including projects for the Travel Channel, truTV, and the Discovered music series for Sundance TV. The space is quiet but not soundproofed and on the second floor with no elevator.
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