DTLA Large White Dreamy Studio 6000 SF

Los Angeles | Central LA
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400 Max

Hosted by Ana

Our studios are available for productions, private events, wedding/receptions, seminars/workshops and other networking events. Please contact us for more info or a quote.
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The Space

*Quick note: This studio is available for booking every day 8am to 10pm. Non-Business Hours are available beyond 10pm at 1.5x the rate for productions. NO LOUD PARTIES.* *Please note that the listed rate is the starting rate, final rate will vary depending on the total number of crew/talent/staff/guests* ADDITIONAL MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS: -Cleaning fee (determined by type of production/event) -Additional insurance via our EventHelper link General video tour: https://youtu.be/JxvsVg8beiI Large meeting configuration video tour (300+ chairs): https://youtu.be/cstxn9Xq9Ok This DTLA studio is best seen in person to give the view and space justice! Located on the sixth floor of a commercial building in the Downtown Los Angeles FASHION DISTRICT, the space features a stunning 6,000 sq. ft open floor plan with high ceilings, 8ft tall windows around, polished concrete floors, multi-zone air conditioners and heaters, and an abundance of natural mid-day and sunset light entering from the East, North and South facing windows. The entire studio is painted white for extra brightness, clean look and feel. Included in your booking are 300 white chairs and a speaker PA system (speaker/microphone/stands/podium). A speaker stage is available for a small additional charge (16" high, 4ft wide, customizable from 4 to 16 ft in length). Maximum capacity is 300 seated banquet style, 400 seated theater style or 400 standing. No kitchen or cooking allowed, catering with chafing fuel ok. ***ROOFTOP ACCESS - (12,000 sq ft) IS AVAILABLE FOR PRODUCTIONS ONLY FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE AND ONLY IN ADDITION TO THE STUDIO RENTAL, NOT STAND-ALONE, PLEASE INQUIRE.*** Some of our prior events have included: weddings and receptions, fashion shows, galas, fundraisers, charities, art exhibits, vendor expos, networking, mixers, product showcases and launch, educational classes, baby showers, bridal showers, marriage proposals, reunions, light cocktail parties, team building sessions, and church gatherings. We encourage you to come check out the space before your desired booking date so ensure it is suitable for your needs. Just send us a quick message with your event description and we'll respond within hours! VENUE AMENITIES AND PERKS: *Tons of Natural Light *Sixth floor in a commercial building *Quiet air conditioners (72,000 BTU) and heaters *High ceilings *Dimmable LED lightning *8ft tall windows (facing North, South, and East) *White concrete and dry walls *Freight elevator (7x6x6, see rules for hours of operation) *Loading dock + ramp + multiple commercial street parking spots *Ultra fast wifi internet (100/20mbps, 1080p livestream capable) *110-120v, single-phase, 100A electrical panel, 3 prong outlets *208/230v, single-phase, 20A, portable AC 1 outlet *300+ white chairs *Speaker/mic PA system *Pictured Furniture (golden chaise, sofas, specialty chairs, tables, LED candles, etc) *3200 Lumens Projector + 100" Projector Screen (additional $200 fee) *Speaker stage, IntelliStage 4'x4', four linkable squares (additional $300 fee) *Parking lots available around the studio (additional $5-15/vehicle fee) *Rooftop access - (12,000 sq ft) is available only for productions for an additional fee, please inquire Booking minimum of 3 hours for productions or 5 hours for events. Availability for productions with less than 3 hours may be available on a case-by-case basis and will be scheduled early or late in the day, not mid-day. Business hours are every day 8am-10pm. For productions only, overtime is available at 1.5x the rate from 10pm-8am, events must end at 10pm, though clean up may go past. Please see rules section for freight elevator operating hours. Mandatory cleaning fee $100 for productions and $300 for events. ***Please see below for additional RULES and FAQ answers***

400 guests max  |  6th floor  |  6000 sq. feet  |  Event Space  |  2 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms
400 guests
300 guests
400 guests
300 guests
300 guests


Mon - Sun
8:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Hourly (starting from)
 Minimum hours:  3
PHOTOGRAPHY & FILM RATE (up to 12 people) Any larger productions please ask for custom price. EVENTS (5 hour minimum): $250 per hour (up to 100 people) $300 per hour (up to 150 people) $350 per hour (up to 200 people) 200+ people, please inquire Rooftop access - (12,000 sq ft) is available for productions only for an additional fee, please inquire. Booking minimum of 3 hours for productions or 5 hours for events. Availability for productions with less than 3 hours may be available on a case-by-case basis and will be scheduled early or late in the day, not mid-day. This studio's business hours are every day 8am-10pm. Hours outside business hours are billed more expensive. Please inquire. Overtime is available. Custom quotes are available for full day, multi-day, or bigger productions. See below for more details on pricing and additional details. Mandatory cleaning fee starting $100 for productions and $300 for events. --- ***PLEASE READ: STUDIO RULES AND FAQ*** By booking this studio, you are agreeing to comply with all of the rules listed below. Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of the security damage deposit/additional fees. Any dispatched personnel to enforce compliance is billed to the production/event (Security personnel: $52.50/hr, Manager personnel: $67.50/hr, with 4 hour minimum shift). 1. IMPORTANT Booked hours must include load-in/load-out, set up, and tear-down or overtimes fees at 1.5x rate (unless specified otherwise) will apply in 30 minute increments. There is no free overtime. 2. MESSAGES Please include the following in your initial message. *Brief summary of your production/event *Total number of crew/talent/guests *Desires date(s) and hours *Any other special needs or questions 3. SCOUTING/VISITS One (1) initial scout/visit may be arranged prior to booking. Additional scouts/visits may be arranged once a booking is approved. All scouts/visits are subject to availability (usually early morning or late afternoon) and are subject to re-scheduling. 4. BOOKED HOURS Posted rates apply to regular business hours which are Monday – Sunday 8am to 10pm. Non business hours are available from 10pm to 8am at 1.5x the hourly rate. Hours are calculated when the first person arrives and last person leaves. No refunds for any unused time. Booking minimum 3 hours for productions or 5 hours for events/off-sites. 5. SECURITY DAMAGE DEPOSIT A refundable security/damage deposit is due at least 14 calendar days prior to the production or event. Deposits begin at $1,000 or 50% of the booking total, whichever is greater, no exceptions. If guest fails to provide the security damage deposit 14 days prior to the production or event, it will result in a cancellation with no refund. 6. OVERTIME FEE (IMPORTANT) There is no free overtime. Additional time is be billed at 1.5x the hourly rate (unless specified otherwise), billed in 30 minute increments. Crew/talent/guests, and equipment must be out of the studio by the end of your booked hours to avoid overtime charges. Charges will be deducted from your security damage deposit. 7. RESCHEDULING AND CANCELLATIONS See cancellation policy. 8. PARKING The preferred parking lot is a block away and can hold over 300 cars parking spaces. Parking is not included with your booking and it is a separate fee. Parking lot is independently operated and we are not responsible for any theft or damage. Several other parking lots exist across the studio, street meters, and yellow commercial loading zones at the building’s entrance. Productions should obtain a FilmLA permit to park the grip trucks on the street as most rooftop parking lots cannot accommodate trucks, there is an open ground floor parking lot nearby that can accomodate productions trucks if needed. 9. FREIGHT ELEVATOR (IMPORTANT) Per property management, all equipment must be loaded-in and loaded-out via the freight elevator. Freight is prohibited in the passenger elevators. Interior dimension 7x7x7 ft. Freight elevator is shared among all tenants, it is on a first come first served basis, its use cannot be reserved during the standard hours of operation, requires a staff member and only operates Monday – Friday 8am to 5:30pm and Saturday 8am to 12pm (standard hours of operation). All other hours must be arranged in advance at the time of booking at $35/hour during business hours, with 3 hour minimum per shift. Non-business hours and any last minute arrangements are billed at $52.50/hr, for all consecutive hours (Monday-Friday starting 5:30pm, Saturday starting 12pm, Sunday all hours). Access to the freight elevator outside of the standard hours of operation is not guaranteed, subject to property management approval and staff availability. 10. LOAD-IN / LOAD-OUT (IMPORTANT) Please see the freight elevator note above. The freight elevator is accessible via the alley located on the right/west side of the building and vehicles/trucks usually park in alley by the freight elevator entrance. Vehicles should be moved after unloading/loading to avoid parking tickets. 11. PERMITS It is the renter’s responsibility to be in compliance with all the applicable city and state permits. Productions should obtain a permit via FilmLA. 12. PROHIBITED (IMPORTANT) Any dispatched personnel to enforce compliance is billed to the production (Security personnel: $52.50/hr, Manager personnel: $67.50/hr, with 4 hour minimum shift). -The following items are prohibited: Loud music (beyond the walls of the studio), feathers, glitter, confetti, sand, wedding rice, flour, paint, aerosol spray cans, fireworks, weapons, small particle items that are difficult to clean, non-water based fog machines, hazer, (or anything that could trigger the smoke detectors/fire alarms), dance strobe lights, and other items deemed unacceptable by the venue managers (when in doubt, please ask). An additional extensive clean up fee starting at $1,000 will be charged for violations to restore the studio and for downtime. -Drilling holes into the walls, ceiling and doors is prohibited (no screws, hooks or anchors), only 3M command strips (double-sided tape) is allowed on the walls and must be fully removed. No duct tape, only gaffers or painters tape. -Rooftop access it prohibited without prior approval (additional fee applies). -Overtime is usually available. However, sometimes we will reach out to clients specifying overtime is not available beyond a specific time. When that's the case, staying in the studio beyond that specified time is prohibited. 13. ALCOHOL AND CATERING Only complimentary (open bar) cocktails, wine, champagne and beer are allowed and must be consumer inside the studio. Possession or consumption in public spaces or outside is prohibited. Hard liquor and other mixed drinks require a licensed and insured bartender. Alcohol and food sales are prohibited. You may provide your own bartender and choose your own catering company or we can refer you to great vendors. No cooking is allowed inside the premises, food chafing fuel ok. Security personnel required with alcohol presence. 14. MUSIC Normal loud music is allowed. No super loud music like concerts or clubbing is allowed. Venue managers reserve the right to ask the renter or DJ to lower the volume to an acceptable level. 15. SMOKING AND ILLEGAL DRUGS Smoking, vaping, non-prescription/illegal drugs are prohibited inside the studio and inside the building including common areas, staircases, and balcony. LAPD/LAFD fines will be charged to the renter. Failure to comply may result in immediate eviction with no refund. Additional cleaning fees starting at $1,000 will apply in addition to $1,000 penalty fee for violations. 16. RENTAL EQUIPMENT / PARTY RENTALS All rental equipment (including party rentals such as tables, chairs, etc.) must be delivered and picked up within the booked hours. Delivery and pick-up outside of the booked hours may be arranged in advance with a $100 fee per occurrence per vendor. All rentals must be removed immediately post the event or disassembly labor and storage fees will apply. 17. MINORS Nobody under the age of 21 is allowed in the studio without prior authorization for safety reasons. Children are allowed with adult supervision. 18. ANIMALS/PETS All animals/pets are prohibited with the exception of service animals with valid permits. If bringing in a service animal, please let us know ahead of time. If any non-service animals are brought in, additional cleaning fee starting at $300 will apply. 19. FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM Please DO NOT hang or tape or cover the fire pipes or sprinklers. The pipes are constantly pressurized and thus may leak if the pipes are damaged. Full restoration damage charges and/or a minimum fine of $500 per occurrence will be charged for failure to comply. LAFD fines will be charged to the renter. 20. FIRE ESCAPE LADDER AND BALCONY LAFD regulations prohibit the use of the fire escape ladder and balcony for non-emergencies matters. Non-emergency access is strictly prohibited (no lounging, or smoking). LAFD/LAPD fines will be charged to the renter. 21. SECURITY CAMERAS Please do not touch, cover or unplug the security cameras. Footage is strictly confidential and recorded 24/7. 22. PROPERTY AND FURNITURE DAMAGES Renter is responsible for leaving the space in the same condition as prior to commencement. A walk-through inspection will be conducted before and after all bookings and the renter or assigned representative must be present. Reasonable damage charges will be deducted from your security damage deposit or billed via the platform. 23. MISCELLANEOUS FEES (IF APPLICABLE) -Unorganized, stained, removed curtains $20/curtain -Lost or damaged AC remote control $75 -Failure to return furniture and props to original locations: starting at $100 -Skins/throws/blankets/cushions/pillows washing: $30 per item, when placed on the floor. Please do not use them as carpets on the floor. -Replacement of misplaced/lost keys: $30/key 24. PERSONNEL FEES (IF APPLICABLE) -Any personnel on duty to enforce compliance (please refer to Rule 12. PROHIBITED) is billed to the production. Security personnel: $52.50 per hour, Manager personnel: $67.50 per hour with 4 hour minimum shift. -Security Personnel: Depending on size of your production/event or if alcohol is present, we may require you to have security guard(s), typically 1 guard per 50 people. You may provide your own security team or we can provide in-house guard(s) at $35/hr with advance notice. Last minute requests for security guard(s) are billed at $52.50/hr. -Manager personnel: $67.50/hr. Manager required after 12am (midnight). 25. CLEAN-UP FEE The basic clean up fee is $100 for productions or $300 for events. Renters are required to do a quick clean-up which includes hanging back the curtains/sheers if removed, folding the tables/chairs in storage if used, putting back the furniture if moved, and taking the trash bags to the dumpster located in the loading dock area. If extensive clean-up is required due to spilled wax from candles, feathers, glitter, confetti, sand, wedding rice, flour, paint, etc (anything that is difficult to clean - please refer to Rule 12. PROHIBITED) that is outside standard cleaning, a significantly higher fee will apply depending on the labor and studio downtime required to restore the studio. High impact and high electricity consumption productions/events will carry additional charges.


Air Conditioning
Large table
Sound System
Projector and Screen / TV
Private Entrance
Breakout Rooms
Conference Phone
Green Screen
Photography Lighting
Power Tie-in


Passenger elevator
Freight elevator
Parking near by
Wheelchair / handicapped accessible
Delivery access
Garage Door
On-site parking
Street level

Space Rules

No alcohol (selling)
No cooking
No smoking
No open flame
No Late night parties


Furniture rental
Security crew
Trash removal
Bathroom attendant
Coat check
Event manager
Lighting system

Photos and Tags

Bare Walls
Exposed Brick
Large Windows
Exposed Pipes
High Ceiling
Natural Light
White Space


Cancellation & Security Deposit

Cancellation policy: Strict 

50% refund up to 1 week prior to event check in, except service fees.

Book Without Worry
You will have 24 hours from booking confirmation to cancel and receive a full refund (excluding service fees). Please note that this grace period does not apply to bookings confirmed within 72 hours of check-in. Learn more

Security deposit: $1,000.00 

(Will be collected separately by the space owner)

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