Large Focus Room on Mag Mile

Chicago | River North
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8 Max

Hosted by Anna

I take pride in managing our high-end, boutique, modern workspace in the heart of downtown Chicago and my first priority is always to our guests! Please feel free to ask questions or come to us with any concerns you might have at any time!
Member since Feb '17
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8 hours

The Space

You've found the perfect meeting space! Our bright, modern, boutique workspace is one of the most popular hourly room rentals among our guests and we think you'll agree once you lay your eyes on this room! The space is ideal for a brainstorming session with an intimate group, business meetings, small classes, among many other events for up to 8 people. Enjoy floor to ceiling windows in this space with the abundance of natural light pouring in, a natively-installed whiteboard on the wall for your use, as well as access to Wi-Fi and extensions cords as much as you need. A large, cork table provides no shortage of space for up to 8 people to not only sit comfortably but work with laptops all in front of them if need be, without feeling like you're cramming yourself into a closet! Please also feel free to enjoy our soundproof phone booths just outside the office, where you can pop in to take a call in complete privacy any time you'd like. Our venue has large screen monitor or projector to rent for $20/hour for this room and we offer unlimited access to our newly remodeled kitchen space for just $9/person per day -- please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns! It would be our pleasure to help you find the right space for your needs here at BeOffice!

8 guests max  |  12th floor  |  200 sq. feet  |  Office/Conference/Co-Working  |  3 Bathrooms
8 guests

Health and SafetyHealth & Safety Policy

BeOffice is a place where we pride ourselves on bringing amazing people together to achieve amazing things, and the recent global pandemic has not caused us to waver in that mission. When you come to our space, you are a valued guest and we want you and everyone joining you to be comfortable knowing you're entering a space that not only takes the spread of infection seriously, but is committed to doing everything within our power to combat the spread of COVID-19 as well as any airborne illnesses and pathogens. Every single day at BeOffice, employees will be temperature checked prior to starting their shifts. All employees showing any signs of illness are asked to stay home until fully recovered, ensuring no contagions are being passed around the office. Throughout each and every day our staff is cleaning and disinfecting the entire space -- from wiping all solid and porous surfaces down with hospital-grade disinfectant solutions to purifying the air around the space and everything in between, we are committed to ensuring that every inch of the space is pristine. All employees of BeOffice will be wearing masks in the space, and all guests are required to wear masks in any common areas around the suite. Hand sanitizer has also been set up around the space for the use of our guests, and a bottle can be provided for each private room rental upon request - just reach out to a member of our team and inquire with us if you'd like us to station a separate bottle of hand sanitizer just for your room at no extra cost. While we observe these practices, we also continue to follow all CDC guidelines for combating the spread of airborne illnesses. Along with the regular cleaning and disinfecting of the air and all surfaces, we are deep-cleaning and disinfecting every space before and after every single booking to ensure you are coming into the cleanest space possible. In our kitchen space we have a large sink with hand soap available for everyone to use, as well as plenty of paper towels and tissues, as well. Garbage and recycling bins are located throughout the space with no cover and changed throughout the day to avoid any build-up of waste while also making it easy to toss any used paper without touching any surface yourself. We ask everyone to please wash their hands upon arrival to the space and to use the hand sanitizer located throughout our suite at their leisure to ensure proper hygiene is being practiced. When coughing or sneezing, please make sure to either do so into your elbow or forearm if you don't have a tissue or napkin available to you at that moment. For any guest displaying any symptoms of illness or just not feeling their best, we implore them to stay home to prevent the spread of any contagions. Along with everything mentioned, we are practicing social distancing here at BeOffice and encourage all guests to do so within reason. The space will be arranged to allow maximum efficiency while also maintaining a healthy distance between everyone, and any special requests you have can be honored - just reach out to our team and let us know what you need, we'd love to help you! Finally, we just want to wish everyone good health and safety and are looking forward to being able to host you in our space, whether you're a returning guest or a new one, the entire team here at BeOffice wants you to know you're stepping into a clean space that's committed to giving you the best experience possible.


Mon - Fri
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sat - Sun
No service


Hourly (starting from)
Daily (starting from)
 Minimum hours:  1
After Hours reservations are handled on a case by case basis - Inquire with us about your needs and we will try to accommodate your request as best we can!!


Air Conditioning
Conference Phone
Large table
Projector and Screen / TV
Private Entrance
Breakout Rooms
Green Screen
Photography Lighting
Power Tie-in
Sound System


Delivery access
Freight elevator
Garage Door
On-site parking
Parking near by
Street level
Wheelchair / handicapped accessible

Space Rules

No children (0-10)
No teenagers (10-18)
No under-age (18-21)
No alcohol (selling)
No music
No loud music / dancing
No open house
No ticket sales
No cooking
No smoking
No open flame
No Late night parties


Coat check
Trash removal
Bathroom attendant
Event manager
Furniture rental
Lighting system
Security crew
Unlimited access to our newly remodeled kitchen space and premium Nespresso coffee bar is just $9/person per day! Enjoy not just amazing coffee, but various beverages and snacks throughout the day, as well! All A/V rental (projector, TVs, conference phones) are $20/hour for all services; includes all connective cables you would ever need and technical support and troubleshooting from our on-site staff throughout the entirety of your A/V rental duration. Let us know if you have questions!

Photos and Tags

Large Windows
Natural Light
Modern Bathroom
White Space
Open Kitchen


Cancellation & Security Deposit

Cancellation policy: Moderate 

Full refund up to 5 days prior to event, except service fees.

Book Without Worry
You will have 24 hours from booking confirmation to cancel and receive a full refund (excluding service fees). Please note that this grace period does not apply to bookings confirmed within 72 hours of check-in. Learn more

Security deposit: Not required 
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