VIP Deluxe Cyc Stage with Elephant Door

Glendale | Grand Central
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The Space

PLEASE NOTE THE PRICING SHOWN IS NOT ACCURATE due to this platforms limitations. WE HAVE SET IT TO THE 3rd TIER. Additional $295 Cleaning fee not accounted for. View "Pricing Details" for exact calculation. **As of November 15, 2023 Splacer will no longer be offering event insurance for rentals. Upon booking, you will need to acquire your own event insurance and supply us with a Certificate of Insurance (aka COI). Companies such as TheEventHelper, Eventsured, etc. offer these services. We would like to welcome you to our stage available for rent in Glendale, CA! Available 7-days a week | Open 24/7 We are also an Equipment Rental service for the Production Industry. Our office is open Monday-Friday. This listing hosts 1,551 ft² of amazing film, video or photo studio production stage space. The stage is private and can be sectioned off from the conference room/wardrobe area. Included in this rental is a private White Cyc Stage (1,551 ft²) with elephant door access - PLUS a picnic table lounge/games area on Astroturf, downstairs conference room, make-up and hair room, wardrobe space, restroom with a shower and a newly added second bathroom located right outside the elephant door. The total downstairs space is approximately 2,700 ft². STAGE DIMENSIONS (see image in photos) Length: 47 feet Depth: 33 feet Height: 18 feet EXPANDABLE SPACE FOR ADDITIONAL COST You may add up to 800 ft² of cool, creative VIP lounge space for an additional cost. This space is located upstairs. Photos have been provided, but this listing does not include this area unless communicated and added with the host. IDEAL USES: Music Videos, Photo Shoots, Commercial Shoots, Interviews, Film Shoots, Dance Shoots, Dress Rehearsals, Script Readings, Castings, Auditions, Car & Truck Shoots, Production Events, Private Fundraisers, Corporate Events, Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, Pop-Up Art Shows and so much more. ELEPHANT DOOR Looking for an easy way to unload and set up your equipment? Want to shoot a car or truck on a stage? Look no further! Our elephant door offers easy access right to the stage for even the largest of equipment! AIR CONDITIONING/HEATER This space is fully equipped with central air conditioning. That said, once the temperatures start to reach the 80s it is crucial that the elephant door stay closed or all of that built up cold air will be released. The space also has central heating. CHAIRS & TABLES What is seen in the photos is what is provided. Again, please note the upstairs VIP lounge space is separate and available as an "Add-On" to this space. ADDITIONAL SERVICES We are also a Production Equipment Rental company. If you need to rent any production supplies or equipment, message us directly for a list of available items. General Rules REGARDING RENTAL HOURS TOTAL TIME OF RENTAL - the total time of rental is the time you arrive at the studio to the time you have fully vacated the studio. This includes setup and breakdown. If you are not out of the studio by the end time of your booking, we have to charge for that and it's done in 1/2hr increments at 1.5X your booking rate. This has to be clarified because we have to shift our entire schedule by the amount of time you have gone overtime. (EXAMPLE: If you think you need 4 hours of shooting time, book 5 hours to allow 30 minutes for setup and 30 minutes for breakdown. OVERTIME If you need to add more time to your shoot the day of the shoot, it is charged at 1.5x the regular rate. To save money try to book at least as many hours as you think you’ll need. Again, OVERTIME IS CHARGED AT 1.5 TIMES (1.5X) THE HOURLY RATE OF YOUR BOOKING, charged in 1/2 hour increments. This includes your breakdown time. Your total time is until you have completely vacated the premises. ADDITIONAL COSTS If we have to repaint the entire floor, it's $150 extra fee. This sometimes happens with shoots that take the whole day or where lots of people end up walking all over the floor without booties. THE USE OF COLORED CONFETTI, if walked on afterwards, transfers the ink to the floor as well and REQUIRES A $200 REPAINT FEE, a large amount of any type of glitter/paper/feathers (etc.) is also a $200 repaint fee. This is not added until after your shoot - if it’s determined to be needed at all. If we’re there at the end of your shoot and can determine the damage right then and there, we’ll discuss it with you to see if you agree. If you pour water down the indoor drain on the floor, there will a $150 fee. The drain does NOT work and this will create a flood on the floor. If you fail to close the parking lot gate upon your final exit, there will be a $25 "trip fee". If you fail to text Adriana upon your final exit so she can set the alarm remotely, there will be a $25 fee. DO NOT mark, put holes in, use nails, screws, tape, adhesive, spray-paint or use any materials anywhere in the venue or parking lot that will leave damage, markings or strip paint upon removing. Additional fees will be charged based on damage or repairs needed. CARS ON THE STAGE $250 repainting charge per car on the stage: Each car in the studio is an automatic $250 extra repainting charge, per car, even if just one car at a time as driving on and off the stage is what does the damage. You must notify us if you are bringing a car when you book as we may not be able to allow it if there is a booking immediately afterwards as the paint won't have time to dry, so let us know when you book, just in case. Use of a car or cars can be added in the Add-Ons. SMOKING In California it is illegal to smoke or vape (cannabis, tobacco or anything else) in a commercial facility. Therefore SMOKING or VAPING IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO. If someone breaks the rules THERE WILL BE AN AUTOMATIC CLEANING CHARGE OF $150. You can add the charge in the Add-Ons if you plan on having anyone smoke or vape on camera. We have people of all ages shoot at our studio and when smoking occurs, it's very difficult for us to get the smell out of the studio in a timely fashion. It often takes days for the smell to go away. The door to the outside of the studio is right by the studio, so people can smoke outside very easily. ADDITIONAL CLEANING CHARGES Since the studio is supposed to be returned to us in the condition that it was received in when you rented it, any confetti or other items that we need to clean up (if they require extensive cleanup) we will have to charge for that according to the time it takes to clean up at the regular studio rental rate - if it's 15 minutes, you would be charged $25 for example, if it’s 2 hours, that’s $200 in cleaning fees! This is only due to the fact that people are unable to rent the studio after your booking until it is clean enough for them to use it. NO sand, dirt or sparkling confetti or other substances are allowed in the studio that are difficult to clean up. You will be charged the total cleaning charges to get those difficult items removed and could easily end up in the multiple hundreds of dollars as it can take many hours to clean and repaint. WHITE CYC FLOOR We are known to have the cleanest white cyc floor in the city because we paint it 1-3 times a week. That being said, if there is a shoot before your shoot, it's possible they may scratch the floor slightly which means that you may not end up with a pristine white floor. We can get most scratches out of the floor with a rag and some special spray, but some may not come out 100%. Most small marks on the floor will not show up when you shoot, but if you require the floor to be spotless, please let us know ahead of time and if there is enough time between your shoot and the shoot before you, we will give you a nice, freshly painted floor. (We need at least 4 hours between shoots to be able to paint the floor and have it dry in time for your shoot.) Thanks so much!

100 guests max  |  1st floor  |  2700 sq. feet  |  Event Space  |  5 Rooms  |  3 Bathrooms
100 guests
75 guests
74 guests
75 guests
50 guests


Open 24 / 7


Hourly (starting from)
 Minimum hours:  4
** Additional $295 cleaning & repainting fee ** Pricing will be adjusted based on the number of attendees in your group at the time of booking or inquiring. Pricing is currently set to the 3rd tier. 1-30 = $155 per hour 31-45 = $175 per hour 46-100 = $195 per hour 101-200 = $225 per hour **VIP Lounge Loft available for an additional $20 per hour, matched to the hours of your rental (located on the 2nd floor).


Air Conditioning
Private Entrance
Large table
Breakout Rooms
Conference Phone
Green Screen
Photography Lighting
Power Tie-in
Sound System
Projector and Screen / TV


Garage Door
On-site parking
Parking near by
Street level
Wheelchair / handicapped accessible
Delivery access
Freight elevator

Space Rules

No smoking
No open flame


Furniture rental
Bathroom attendant
Coat check
Event manager
Lighting system
Security crew
Trash removal
We are also a Production Rental Supply company! If you need to rent any production equipment, let us know! We have available items to rent including tables, chairs, V-flats, apple boxes, C-stands, fans and so much more. Please message us upon scheduling if you would like to add items for rent to your booking.

Photos and Tags

Dining Table
Exposed Pipes
High Ceiling
Modern Bathroom
Bare Walls
Wood Beams
White Space


Cancellation & Security Deposit

Cancellation policy: Moderate 

Full refund up to 5 days prior to event, except service fees.

Book Without Worry
You will have 24 hours from booking confirmation to cancel and receive a full refund (excluding service fees). Please note that this grace period does not apply to bookings confirmed within 72 hours of check-in. Learn more

Security deposit: $250.00 

(Will be collected separately by the space owner)

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Starting From$195 per hour(min. 4 hr)

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