Our Mission


Our mission is to reimagine the use of space by creating sustainable and inclusive ways of livingtogether. We believe that great design can be a shared commodity. This implies a philosophy oflocal sharing and the thoughtful use of resources - all of which we want to extend to as manycommunities as possible

Core Values


Guides our strategic thinking and the way
we implement the company's mission,
develop the product and grow our team.


We aim to create meaningful, whole experiences
for our members and partners. We don't rent
out spaces, we facilitate new experiences.


We offer access. Splacer opens doors to places
and services that otherwise were closed.


By giving a platform for space owners we
create an empowering community
through a shared economy.


Acting and planning responsibly are essential
to promoting sustainable growth - we achieve
this by being concerned, aware and responsible
of our changing global environment.

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