Meet the team

Adi grey

adi biran

Founder | CEO

“I travel 66,000 miles a month. What better proof than that of living a life in motion.”

Adi is an accomplished architect, lecturer, and entrepreneur working in Israel and New York, where she owned her own architecture and consulting firm. She brings her creativity, business development and research skills to Splacer. Adi holds a B.Arch. Degree from the Pratt Institute of Architecture, and a Master's in Advanced Architecture Design from Columbia University, both with the highest honors.

Lior grey

lior ash

Founder | CTO

“We gathered people that believe in building tech that can create value at the pace of 3 years ahead, and we start moving forward. It’s about making forward motion.”

Lior was the COO of, leading all R&D, IT and Operations for mySupermaket websites and mobile apps. He holds a B.Sc (in Dean's List) in Software Engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.


Gabi Peles


“Growth for companies is very similar to life: you just need to set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be.”

Gabi has over 15 years experience in product and operations, putting digital, media and technology in sync. Before joining Splacer, Gabi lead the transformation of Eyeview from personalization and dynamic creative to outcome-based video advertising platform as Chief Operations Officer and Chief Product Officer. His strong experience in maximizing growth both operationally and financially takes Splacer to the next level.


Hila Dar

VP of Product

“There’s nothing more dynamic than the product. It’s always changing thanks to our users. Their expectations are constantly changing, pushing the bar higher and our product must be there for them. Living up to the new standard. Ever improving. Always in motion.”


Tomer Levy

VP of Finance

“As N. R. Narayana Murthy says: Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.”

Shmulik grey

Shmulik Albo

VP of Product Design

“The world is one ginormous A/B test. I’m not worried about how many iterations we need. I’m worried about never stopping.”

Asaf grey

Asaf Abady

VP of R&D

“Some people feel that AI and tech will only make our flaws as humans more evident. I think the reality is that it will enhance us, augment our intelligence, and ultimately put our minds in better motion.”